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PG-5060387160044Dark Legion Starter Box22.53Released by the Imperial Corporation, the Dark Legion is a never ending tsunami of undead alien mutants set on the destruction and enslavement of the human race. The Dark Legion Starter Box contains: 13x 32mm scale Resin models (10x Undead Legionnaires, 1x Razide, 2x Necromutant Leaders) 10x 30mm bases 3x 40mm bases 75 cards 2x D20 dice Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop
PG-5060387160617Alakhai the Cunning6.44It is said of the Nepharite Overlord Alakhai the Cunning that he was first of his kind that Mankind set eyes upon; that in doing so Humanity knew fear as it had never before experienced in any war that was ever raged throughout its turbulent history. 1x Multipart 37mm tall (32mm scale) Resin model 6x Cards 1x 40mm base Type: Warlord Model count: 1 Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop
PG-5060387160655Necromutant Leaders6.44One of the Dark Legion's cruelest abominations, the brutal Necromutants were once living humans mutated by dark technology. Each and everyone has a malign intelligence they use to guide the mindless Undead legionnaires. 2x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models 6x Cards 2x 40mm base Type: Squad Commander Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop
PG-5060387160716Necrobeast Rider9.66Originating from a planet recently conquered by Alakhai himself, the animal that has been mutated into the necrobeast is an evil, malign and fast moving construct ridden by the largest and most cunning of the necromutants; the Centurions. 1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model 6x Cards 1x50mm Base Type: Light Vehicle Model count: 1-2 per unit Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop
PG-5060387161386Nasca Razides19.30The infernal creation of the Dark Legion, the Razides, are a disgusting abomination of steel and flesh. 3x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model 6x Cards 3x 40mm base Type: Support Model count: 3 Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop
PG-5060387161409Nasca Razides weapon ADD ON6.436x Range weapon upgrades (NOTE: You will need a pack of Nasca Razides to assemble this kit) Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop