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PG-5060387160419Purple Sharks9.66The Purple Sharks are numerous in Capitolian Warzones, providing quick and reactive fire power where needed most. Each of the jetbikes is armed with a plethora of weaponry. 2x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models 7x Cards 2x 50mm bases Type: Light Vehicles Model count: 2 - 4 per unit Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop
PG-5060387160433AFT-210 Leviathan Battle Tank38.611x Multipart 165mm Long (32mm scale) Resin model (Heavy Infantry miniature shown for scale only) 12x Cards Type: Heavy Vehicle Model count: 1 Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop
PG-5060387161034Capitol Airborne Cavalry (Conversion Pack)3.86Umbaupack, man benötigt zusätzlich die Light Infantry Box. Conversion pack to convert 5 Capitol Light Infantry to Capitol Airbourne Calvary 5x Airborne Heads, x5 Airborne Backpacks 5x Cards Type: Troops Model count: 5 - 12 per unit Prodos GamesSci-Fi Tabletop