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SG-FATD12The Directorate Patrol Fleet23.62Contains: 1 Eliminator Class Battleship, 3 Abraxas Class Cruisers, 4 Liquidator Class Frigates, 1 upgrade components for a Subjugator Class Heavy Cruiser, 1 Large SRS token, 1 Small SRS token, 2 A5 Token Sheets and 1 Pack of Tactical Ability Cards. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Containing within its fold several of the wealthiest and most infamous arms and ship manufacturers in the sector, the military forces of the Directorate can always rely on having cutting edge vessels at their disposal. Although they supply weapons of war to many of the older galactic races - allies and enemies alike - they always keep the best designs to themselves. A fleet of ships that perfectly balance speed, armour and firepower, reinforced plating protects these vessels as they approach their prey, while extensive banks of turret mounted plasma weapons allow them to project searing fire in any direction. The high flexibility of their weapons systems is one of their greatest strengths, allowing them to focus their brutal firepower wherever it is needed most while they concentrate their speed on evading the enemy's attacks. With unmatched cyberwarfare technology complimenting their advance ship design and cold-blooded tactics, the Directorate will stop at nothing to achieve their sinister ends. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATD18The Directorate Frigate & Drone Group9.22Contains: 4 Hostility Class Drones and 4 Liquidator Class Frigates. Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Striking out with hull-boiling plasma turrets from within the core of the Directorate Fleet, the Liquidators are equally adept at combining their fire to burst cruisers apart or thinning the ranks of lighter vessels with independent salvoes. The entirely automated Hostilities meanwhile shut down the systems of important enemy vessels with assault torpedoes loaded with complex viruses and vicious combat robots. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada