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SG-FATA12Terran Alliance Patrol Fleet47.25Contains: 1 Apollo Class Battleship, 3 Teuton Class Cruiser, 4 Armsman Class Frigates, 1 upgrade components for a Hauberk Class Heavy Cruiser, 2 A5 Token Sheets and 1 Pack of Tactical Ability Cards. Protected by high-energy shielding, every vessel in this fleet can advance undaunted in the face of the heaviest bombardment, shrugging aside slugs and plasma bursts without pause. Grinding their way forward, firing deadly torpedoes at distant enemies, the fleet can easily reach optimal firing range without sustaining enough damage to meaningfully impact their firepower. Once in range, the ships swing to present their powerful broadside batteries to the enemy, supplementing the flexible mass-driver turrets that crown the largest Terran vessels. Blistering volleys tear through enemy hulls and the infamous nuclear weaponry which the larger vessels employ can incinerate whole squadrons at close range. Faced with nuclear annihilation, the battered and demoralised enemy will soon regret their decision to stand against the Terran Alliance. A full fleet of vessels which can fight on through the heaviest fire and emerge triumphant, the might of the Terran Alliance is as sure and inexorable as a glacier. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA13Terran Alliance Carrier Group24.48Contains: 1 Ares Class Carrier, 3 Squire Class Escorts, 2 Large SRS Tokens and 2 Small SRS Tokens. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. The Ares' huge hangar bays have the capacity to accommodate huge numbers of Short Range Spacecraft, allowing the Terran Fleet to field attack craft in overwhelming numbers, put up an impenetrable wall of interceptors or surround their reliable vessels with swarms of support shuttles to keep them running even under the heaviest fire. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA14Terran Alliance Dreadnought Group33.75Contains: 1 Titan Class Dreadnought and 3 Squire Class Escorts. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. This box set contains a Titan Class Dreadnought, along with the Squire Class Escorts which can accompany it to battle. A natural progression from the standard Battleship, the trilateral hulled Titan mounts more, and further reaching weaponry than its smaller cousin. Its powerful shield emitters can absorb a tremendous volume of fire and leave the ship unscathed, and, crewed by the pride of the Terran Navy, these mighty vessels can fight on and triumph in the face of the strongest opposition.Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA15Terran Alliance Cruiser Group26.64Contains: 3 Cruiser Hulls and the parts to make either 3 Teuton Class Cruisers or 3 Hauberk Class Heavy Cruisers. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Flexible vessels able to tailor their systems for speed or defence, the Teuton Class Cruisers can serve well in any role their Admiral chooses. The Templar meanwhile is one of the most dangerous brawling vessels in the galaxy, its well-shielded hull housing a formidable array of weaponry. This firepower can be used to either engage multiple weaker craft simultaneously, or combine its versatile turrets with powerful broadsides for deadly, concentrated salvos. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA16Terran Alliance Battlecruiser Squadron24.48This box set contains a Squadron of 2 x Marshal Class Battlecruisers. Sustained volleys from the Battlecruisers’ twinned torpedo systems inflict telling damage from the outset of battle; easily blasting apart lighter craft or hammering through the defences of larger vessels with coordinated salvos. Then, when embroiled in the thick of the action, fearsome close range turrets can reliably penetrate the thick armour of the enemy’s heaviest craft, while extensive shielding systems absorb their return fire.Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA17Terran Alliance Destroyer Group18.45Contains: 3 highly detailed resin Artemis Class Destroyers. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Aptly demonstrating the destructive potential of Terran nuclear weaponry, the Artemis Squadrons adopt a prime firing position and then wait patiently for the enemy to move in to range. Advanced countermeasures make targeting an Artemis impossible whilst it lies in wait. Then, a single volley will blaze nuclear fire through the heart of a dense formation, annihilating the target with raw force and damaging many others in a surge of radiation. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA18Terran Alliance Frigate Group18.45Contains: 4 Missionary Class Frigates & 4 Armsmen Class Frigates. Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Advancing under unrelenting torpedo barrages from a Squadron of Armsmen hidden behind a distant asteroid field disrupts and weakens even the most determined enemy. When followed up by a close range assault from a full Squadron of Missionary Frigates, turrets and broadsides launching volleys of crushing projectiles or burning lasers, no foe will be left standing. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA19Terran Alliance Shield Cruiser Group27.18Contains: 3 Aegis Class Shield Cruisers. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. A vital element in any Terran Fleet, the Aegis strengthens the already formidable energy shields of the vessels around it. Distributed through the heart of the Terran Fleet, every vessel sheltering in their umbrella becomes a sturdy redoubt, and the largest ships all but impervious to long range fire. With these invaluable vessels interspersing the formation, the Terran advance becomes an inexorable march to victory.Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA20Terran Alliance Planetary Defence Group26.10This box set contains a Palisade Battle Station and a Squadron of 3 x Sentinel Defence Platforms. Sentinels are hardened orbital hangers containing dozens of small craft that can lead attack runs on an approaching enemy, provide a defensive umbrella against torpedo fire or be packed with assault marines. Their versatility, ease of manufacture and robustness has led them to be deployed wherever valuable assets might be preyed upon. Mass produced in the days of the old Terran Satellite Charter, the Palisade Battle Station has undergone many upgrades since the onset of the aggressive Zenian incursions into the Storm Zone. Arrayed with masses of coil drivers and atomic-powered lasers, set behind layers of powerful shields, Palisades defend critical points across Alliance space. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA22Terran Alliance Charter Enforcement Fleet46.80Contains: 1 Solar Class Carrier, 3 Horizon Class Assault Cruisers, 4 Nadir Class Frigates, 1 Large SRS Token, 1 Small SRS Token, 1 A5 scenery sheet and 1 A5 booklet. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. The Charter Enforcement Brigades (CEBs) of the NTSC do not have a particularly long or active heritage, since most minor mutinies and rebellions of planetary outposts or settlements could be easily quelled by the threat of orbital bombardment by Navy Battleships. The Secession wars, however, changed much of that, and Terran ground forces have seen a lot of action in recent decades – much of that in offensive reclamation of former Alliance-held positions. Due to this, many of the CEBs have very modern equipment, developed closely with Hawker Industries, and adapting existing Terran design philosophies to the demands of modern orbital-drop combat. The three most common ships used by the NTSCs CEBs are the Solar Carrier – a project very much led by Hawker Industries to Terran specifications, the Horizon Assault Cruiser (a traditional Terran design) and the Nadir Frigate – a vessel much adapted from its sister ship, the Armsman. Terran planetfall strategy typically relies on clearing drop sites with heavy capital bombardment prior to planetary offensives, but these three ships are all designed to operate in hostile theatres – dropping substantial forces close to the front lines and providing a base of operational and long-range fire support at the same time. This boxed set ships with a booklet containing information on six fleet commanders. Included in the booklet is rules for invading planets and linking forces to the Firestorm Planetfall ground game, along with sample scenarios to get players started. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FATA70Terran Alliance Reinforcement Set34.83As the war in the Storm Zone rages on, new and more deadly ways of destroying the enemy fuels enhanced ship designs. Inside this Reinforcement Set players will find 3x new Medium Cruisers, all of which are capable of being upgraded using modular components to a more powerful designation. Accompanying the new Mediums are 6x Light Frigates. The new Terran Alliance Mediums start as Light Cruisers but can be upgraded to the role of Torpedo Cruiser. 9x Flight stands are also included. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada