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7%-INF289601Infinity - Artbook One16.17In this book you will find out how the concept design process of some of your favorite miniatures was developed. But not only that, would you like to witness the evolution of the Stingray T.A.G. series? Do you want to know how the final design of the Tohaa was reached? Are you asking yourself about what concept designs of Lucien Sforza were rejected? In this book you will get all those answers and even more. \"Infinity. Artbook One\" offers 148 pages full of previous sketches, development designs, final artwork and unreleased stuff. Also, with every book you get 10 deluxe Infinity cover prints. For free! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
7%-INF289703Infinity Campaign: Paradiso (Englisch)21.57Englischsprachiges Regelwerk in Farbe “All glittered up and ready for action, Go-Go Marlene live from Paradiso. The news, the way YOU like them!” Intro of the show Go-Go in Paradiso. Find it on Oxyd! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
7%-INF289803xxInfinity Human Sphere (englisch)21.57Englischsprachiges Regelwerk in Farbe, über 200 Seiten dick. "Infinity Human Sphere" is the first expansion for the Infinity universe. In this new, hard cover and full color book you will find more background information, a new faction for the AI ALEPH, new troops for all armies and new rules, special skills, equipment and weapons. "Infinity Human Sphere" is structured around the Sectorial Armies, thematic sub-armies for each Infinity faction. These give access to special rules such as the "Infinity Fireteams: Link Troops", allowing the creation of action groups comprised of various miniatures belonging to the same unit. The Linked Teams benefit from various advantages, meaning a tactical revolution not only for new players but also for veterans. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
7%-INF289804xxInfinity Human Sphere Deutsche Version21.57Harcover Regelbuch in deutsch mit über 200 Seiten. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
7%-INF289903xxInfinity Regelbuch englisch 2nd Edition Revised21.57Content: Hard cover book in full color. With pictures, illustrations, and everything you need to play Infinity: background, rules, complete army lists, markers and templates. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm