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INF280701_archivMc Murrough (2)8.072 unbemalte Modelle aus Zinn. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280702Miyamoto Mushashi5.00Bilster mit einer Zinnfigur Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280704Saito Togan (Combi Rifle, EXP)5.00Bilster mit einer Zinnfigur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280714Druze Shock Troops (Spitfire)5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. Createdby the Druze Society, the Shock Teams are mercenary assault units with a wild and bloody reputation, equipped with sophisticated military gear. the Spitfire is the best support weapon for the dirtiest fighters int he Mercenary underworld. So, this blister is a gift not only for players, who can form a Druze Fireteam in their Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Army, but also for other Infinity players who can use them as Mercenaries. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280715O-12 High Commissioner (HVT/ Civil)5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. New release! High Commissioners serve as specially appointed diplomatic agents and representatives of O-12 policy wherever in the Human Sphere they go in performance of their official tasks. Here you have a new Civil model that you will also use as High Value Target (HVT) in the further new rules for the ITS mid-season update!Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280720Armand Le Muet5.54Blister mit 1 Miniatur, unbemalt und in Einzelteilen. A professional murderer devoid of scruples. A mercenary who doesn2019t care who he is working for. Yesterday it was any human faction, today it is the Tohaa Trident, and tomorrow it might be the Combined Army. So, what are you waiting for? Just hire Armand and let him to do the dirty work for you. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm