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INF280402Djanbazan Tactical Group (HMG)5.001 Zinnminiatur im Blister Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280412Maghriba Guard Box22.65Box mit einer Miniatur Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280414Najjarun Engineer4.73Blister mit 1 Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280415Kum Motorized Troops 216.172 unbemalte Modelle (siehe Bild). Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280417Muttawiah8.072 unbemalte Modelle (siehe Bild). Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280418Ghulam (HMG)4.73Blister mit einer Miniatur Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280420Izzat Beg (Special Charakter)6.99Blister mit einer Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280421Ahl Fassed (Boarding Shotgun)5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280436Odalisques (Spitfire)5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280440Hassassin Fiday (Boarding Shotgun)5.00Blister mit einer Zinnminiatur. The Fidays are the destroying angels of the Hassassin Society. This elite assassins are superb impersonators capable to adopt the appareance of the enemy o infiltrate behind his lines and strike with maximum lethality. And the best short range weapon to do that is the versatile Boarding Shotgun. Don’t even try to surrender, because this gorgeous Hassassin will not have mercy with you! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280448Asawira Regiment (Spitfire)5.54Blister mit einer Zinnminiatur. An old and discontinued release has come back! The Khawarijs, literally the “Red Turbans”, are the members of the Haqqislamite Supersoldier program. Their biogenetically enhanced skills provided them a superior mobility, being able to jump amazing distances and altitudes. The Khawarij of the old Haqqislam Starter Pack is release now for all the new and recent Haqqislamite players who cannot take it. Get rid of your enemies by surprise with this extraodinary light assault trooper! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280457KTS, Kaplan Tactical Services (Spitfire)5.00Blister mit einem Modell und verschiedenen Waffenoptionen. Blister with 1 miniature: Wildcats, Polivalent Tactical Unit (Spitfire) Kaplan Tactical Services (KTS) is a military and private security company subsidiary of Beyhan Resources ?ti., a private engineering and construction corporation property of Hikmet Bey, one of the great Silk tycoons. KTS was created with the purpose of defending the many facilities and staff under the Beyhan Resources ?ti. umbrella during the turbulent days of the Silk Revolts. In those days the Sultanate, overwhelmed by the attacks of insurrectionist tycoons, was unable to guarantee the protection of any transorbital facility. Hikmet Bey therefore personally charged former military colonel Çelik Ozalan with the creation of an elite unit to secure the continuity of Beyhan Resources ?ti.'s operations. The success of KTS was so clear that by the end of the Silk Revolts, it had its size and operational capability improved to be able to offer its services to third parties. In the years since the Silk Revolts, and thanks to the contacts of Hikmet Bey, KTS has gained several security contracts with the Funduq Sultanate, including protection, defense and support operations. It has also received attack contracts, especially during the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts and the Paradiso Offensives. The Kaplan especially stand out as expert combat engineers, specializing in sabotage and counter-sabotage techniques. The success of Kaplan Tactical Services is fundamentally due to the character granted by its bold and efficient founder, former colonel Ozalan. This veteran soldier gifted the KTS with a self-sacrificing combat spirit driven by the humanist ideals of Haqqislamite culture. The Kaplan mercenary, a Turkish word meaning \"Tiger\", is always expected to be as courageous as he is intelligent and uncompromising in his mission. The strict Kaplan code of behavior gives them an aura of \"honorable mercenaries\" that clearly distinguishes them beyond any other soldier of fortune. In KTS, recruits are not asked about their past, but are forced towards a full accord with the unit's code of honor and those who fail to meet these standards are expelled without regard. In the same way, KTS can break a contract if it discovers the operational terms, or its client's objectives, contradict its own code, even if this may cause some friction with its mother corporation, Beyhan Resources ?ti. This strong esprit de corps makes the Kaplan feel superior to the majority of professional mercenaries, as well as to most regular military units. However, their operational capabilities, their technical skills and their adaptability to any situation, no matter how difficult, are true facts and qualities highly esteemed by their clients. Thanks to their professionalism as highly trusted elite troops, KTS has been so well integrated into the Qapu Khalqi's military structure that they are also known as the \"Sultan's Tigers\", undertaking complex operations in the Sultanate's service and forging their fame and prestige. But no matter whether they are working for a government or a private company, Kaplans are always a guarantee of success; their strict code forces them to accept no other option.Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280462Hassassin Barid (Hacker)5.00Blister mit einer Zinnfigur. In the inimitable style of the Hassassin Society, the Barid are cyber-assassins capable of eliminating their targets with gleaming cyber-attacks that fry brains and systems in a flash of destruction.Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280463Maghariba Pilot6.99Blister mit einer Zinnfigur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280466Kum Motorized Troops (Box)19.41Box mit zwei Zinnfiguren, nicht bemalter Bausatz. Haqqislam Kirguizes are rough and temperamental men who have never followed anybody's law but their own. They posses underground drug labs hidden in the mountains of Tien Shan with weapon factories, machinery to forge money and well equipped mechanic workshops. Kirguiz riders love alcohol, noisy motorcycles and beautiful women. Crossing the battlefield at top speed on their roaring motorbikes through enemy fire, the Kum have forged a terrible reputation as intrepid and reckless bikers... or as absolute psychopaths, depending on who you ask. It is said that the members of the Kirguize tribes are a bit crazy but they are the wildest, most obstinate and audacious men you could find riding, kicking, and cutting up people all the way from the Tien Shan mountains.Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280469Kasym Beg, Kum Chieftain (Chain Rifle)15.09Box mit zwei Zinnfiguren, nicht bemalter Bausatz. An advance of 3rd Edition new troop profiles! Kasym Beg is an outlaw, a rebel and guerrilla leader of the savage and reckless Kum Kirguiz troops. He earned a notorious reputation as a bandit on the Silk Route, the scourge of Haqqislamite merchants. Heir of the Izzat Beg empire, ¡this release symbolizes things can change in the Infinity universe! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280473Special Deterrance Group Azrail (Feuerbach)8.50Blister mit einer Zinnfigur, nicht bemalter Bausatz. New sculpt following the new troop profile shown in the update of the Army Lists to Infinity N3, the 3rd Edition of Infinity! Bulkier and more impressive than ever, now all the players will understand the reason why the Azra'il are experts in 'show of the force' operations! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm