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INF280103Veteran Kazak (HMG)5.001 Zinnminiatur im Blister Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280105Line Kazak (ML)5.001 Zinnminiatur im Blister Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF28010645th Highlander BOX15.09Box mit 4 Miniaturen: Rifle, Chain Rifle, Boarding Shotgun and multiple options. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280107Uxía McNeill - Special Character (Boarding5.001 Zinnminiatur im Blister Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280109Line Kazak (Rifle)8.503 Zinnminiaturen im Blister Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280112Dog Warrior + Dog Face (2)10.233 Zinnminiaturen im Blister. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280113Para Commando (2)5.00Blister mit 2 Zinnminiaturen Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280114Para Commando 2 (Rifle)5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280116Moblot (Rifle, Light Shotgun)5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280121Irmandinhos (Chain Rifle, Rifle)8.50Blister mit zwei Miniaturen. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280124Foxtrot Rangers (Sniper)5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF2801293rd Highlander Greys (AP HMG)5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280132Caledonian Volunteers (Rifle, Light GL)8.50Blister mit zwei Miniaturen. “Kittle folk are the Volunteers/ They ride wi’ over mony spears” Caledonian adaptation of a traditional Scottish song. “Bydand” (Steadfast, abiding) Caledonian Volunteers Corps’ Gaelic motto. It is an ancient tradition that the Scots enlist to participate in foreign wars. Used to dying in far and foreign lands, they don’t fear death while defending their own. The Caledonian Volunteers Territorial Regiments Corps was created when it was perceived that the Separatist Wars were more than a probability. Now it forms the core of the Caledonian Army, collaborating jointly with the rest of the Ariadnian military forces. As its name says, the Corps is formed by territorial or clan units, indicating their origin between brackets in their regimental device. Like many line regiments, the Volunteers have a highly developed esprit de corps, believing themselves somewhat superior to other troops. Their men and women come from the most diverse origins, including the most desperate and hopeless individuals from the slum areas of the urban zones, hardened mining industry workers and, as is common in the Caledonian regiments, a sizeable proportion of clan thugs. Bearing that in mind, it is not surprising that they have a reputation amongst the Caledonian people for being a bunch of troublemakers. The combat slang of the Volunteers is a disjointed mix of English and Gaelic, strongly flavoured with Russian expressions and offensive words. Their daily mission is to fight in hundreds of wars and frontier skirmishes for their country, in the most distant and freezing regions of the planet. And all of this for a meagre salary and a tin of camp rations - but this is the venerable tradition of the Caledonian Volunteers Corps.Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280134Zouaves (Sapper - HMG)5.54Blister mit einer Miniatur. The mechanized French-Ariadnan infantry has returned, and this time with more firepower than ever! The combination of their advanced deployment capability and the protection provided by their Foxhole (Reflected by a highly detailed scenery base) makes this support weapon option one of the most valuable troops to control any battlefield.Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280135Caledonian Highlander Army (Ariadna Sectorial Starter Pack)21.57Box mit sechs Miniaturen: - 3 x Caledonian Volunteers Corps - 1st Highlander S.A.S (Boarding Shotgun) - 3rd Highlander Greys (HMG) - 9th Wulver Grenadiers (T2 Rifle) Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280136Caledonian Mormaers (T2 Rifle)5.54Blister mit einer Miniatur. The Mormaers are the elite in the Caledonian forces and the most heavily armoured and bulkier of the Ariadnan infantries. Thanks to their Teseum armour, they ignore the enemy fire as it would be a gentle rain. Also, the Mormaer’s powerful T2 Rifle has been optimized with a X-Visor to dominate the development of the battle. This proud Scottish Heavy Infantry is going to make room in your Ariadna army lists.Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280139Moblots5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. The fast and versatile Merovingian Heavy Infantry is back! Now in a female version armed with the powerful Panzerfaust to provide heavy support to Ariadnan forces. This figure is the perfect match for those players who want to create a Moblots Infinity Fireteam. The Moblot girl is a sure choice for any Ariadnan player! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280143Moblots (Sapper, HMG)5.54Blister mit einer Miniatur und dazugehöriger Basegestalltung. The French-Ariadnan Heavy Infantry troopers have come back, and this time carying support weapons! Combining his heavy armour and his Sapper Special Skill, the HMG Moblot can place a stronghold wherever he is. This release comes with a scenery base to reflect perfectly the combat role of this useful troop. Feel the recoil of you machine gun meanwhile you sweep the battlefield from the safety of your foxhole!Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280146112, Emergency Service5.00Blister mit einer Miniatur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280151Cameronians (Chain Rifle, AP CCW)8.50Blister mit einer Zinnfigur. The Cameronians are fierce berserk hybrids that hurt themselves to be able to launch into the battle directly with their Dog-Warrior shape. Wallowing in an insatiable bloody fury, these beastly destruction machines only know how to hate and kill.Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280152Zouaves (Rifle, Assault Pistol, D.E.P)4.73Blister mit einer Zinnfigur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280153Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne21.57Box mit 6 Zinnfiguren. Finally, the long-awaited French-Ariadnan Sectorial Starter Pack has been released. This box is a compilation of previously released figures: 3 Métros - the Merovingian base troops; 1 Para-Commando HMG - with so powerful support weapon this parachutist is the true “death from above”; 1 Zouave - this skilled light trooper can be deployed in advance, able to take down any armored enemy with his D.E.P.; 1 female Moblot with Rifle - this tough Heavy Infantry is a conversion of a previously released figure. As a powerful mobile force, the FRRM is perfectly placed to respond to any threat or neutralize any danger at any point on the planet in a short space of time.Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280155Metros5.00Blister mit einer Zinnfigur. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280156Intel Spec-Ops6.08Blister mit einem Modell und verschiedenen Waffenoptionen. The Spec-Ops are a new kind of troop in Infinity, unique in their class and who directly benefit from the Infinity Campaign System rules. All Infinity factions possess their own Spec-Ops trooper, and thanks to the Infinity Campaign System rules, each of them as different as the player who is using them. As troopers specially designed for the Infinity Campaign System, they will have not a defined troop profile, and they are also the perfect proxies to be used in Infinity Tournaments. Take your Spec-Ops into battle and experience the upcoming Infinity Campaign System! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280157Uxia McNeill (Covert Action)5.00Blister mit einer Zinnfigur. Not just a re-sculpt, but also a new profile to add to the classic one. This new version is especially designed to play scenarios. Same Attributes, different weapons and Special Skills: a new way to play with this classic Ariadnan special character!Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF2801629th Wulver Grenadiers Regiment (Box)15.09Box mit vier Zinnfiguren. This is a multi-part, four miniature release that provides all the weapon options for this Ariadnan army unit. With a male and a female version of these troopers, this release replaces the previous Wulver blister packs. The main role of the Wulver Grenadiers is to perform shock actions. Once released, their only alternative is to kill or die. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280163Caledonian Mormaer (AP HMG)5.54Bilster mit einer Zinnminiatur. These are the aristocrats of the Caledonian army. Wearing the most valuable armor and firing the most expensive ammunition, only the finest can join the Mormaer Regiment. And now they get the HMG, the queen of support weapons in its AP version. Let this Teseum-armored trooper lead your Caledonian Army in its assault!Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280165Brigadier Jacques Bruant, Sous-officier des Metros (Molotok)5.00Blister mit einer Zinnfigur. The Merovingian special character seems to be a hero for the wrong reasons,but he is a good addition to any Ariadnan army list. Bruant can join a étros Fireteam or be depleoyed in advance, where his powerful Molotok cause major damage!Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280169Box : Dog-Warriors25.89Box mit vier Zinnfiguren, nicht bemalter Bausatz. We know the Dog-Warriors have a really cheap game points Cost and the Ariadnan players usually field two, as these hybrid shock troopers are awesome fighters when engaged in close quarters battle. By this reason they are released in pairs (two Dog-warriors and two Dogfaces), so players can save money. Anycase, when you see the amazing re-sculpt you will not care about price, because you will be eager to get these savage werewolf-like troopers! Feel the fury of the Dog-Warriors! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280175Box : Ariadna Sectorial Starter Pack (6)21.57Box mit sechs Zinnfiguren, nicht bemalter Bausatz. Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm
INF280176Box : Devil Dogs17.79Box mit zwei Zinnfiguren, nicht bemalter Bausatz. Although previously released in the USAriadna Battle Pack, this new separate released has a different pair of arms. If a Devil Dog or an Antipode individually are a dangerous enemy, working as a team they will be the recurring nightmare of your opponent! Corvus BelliSci-Fi Miniaturen 28-32mm