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SG-HGEX05Halo: Ground Command Deluxe Token Set8.78The Deluxe Token Set contains: 15x Activation Tokens 10x Cooldown Tokens 10x Damage Tokens 6x Objective Tokens 1x Pelican Shadow Template 1x Phantom Shadow Template 4x Aerial Mission Entry and Exit Tokens Whilst not essential to your Halo: Ground Command games, these are a superb add-on for any gamer who wants the best! For those Generals who take warfare to the next level, the Halo: Ground Command Deluxe Token Set contains 45 high-quality tokens in etched, coloured acrylic. These include the core game Tokens, along with Objective Tokens, Aerial Entry and Exit Tokens. Also included in the pack are 2 superb Shadow Templates that allow players to represent a UNSC Pelican Dropship and Covenant Phantom Dropship on the tabletop. Spartan GamesHalo: Fleet Battles