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Fow-su50045mm obr 1937 gun9.13Produced in large numbers, the 45mm Anti-Tank gun was used to great effect throughout the war. It equipped the light anti-tank units of most Divisions. Pack contains 2 Medium bases, 2 Anti-Tank guns(with both long and short barrels), 8 Gunner figures and command stand. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su50145mm obr 1943 Gun (Late)10.40This blister contains: Two guns with command Anti-tank company BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su51076mm ZIS-3 gun with ZIS-2 57mm gun option10.40The pack can be assembled as a pair of 76.2mm ZIS-3 multi-role support guns or deadly 57mm Zis-2 Anti-tank guns. Pack Contents Inside the pack you get enough parts to make two guns, with barrels to make either the ZIS-2 or ZIS-3. In Flames Of War ZIS-2 It has a Range of 32”/80cm, ROF 3, AT 11 and FP 4+. ZIS-3 It has an range of 32”/80cm, ROF 2, AT 9 and FP 3+. It is also an artillery weapon with an Artillery AT 2, and a range of 96”/240cm.BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su520100mm BS-3 Gun11.03Two 100mm BS-3 Anti-tank guns with crew, one Command Rifle team, two Large bases & one Small base. By 1944, the Red Army was facing some of the most advanced German tank designs of the Second World War. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su54037mm obr 1939 gun10.4037mm obr 1939 anti-aircraft gun - A rapid firing air defence gun to protect the ground forces from the attentions of the German Luftwaffe. It is also versatile in engaging ground targets. Pack contains 2 Large base, 2 Anti-Aircraft gun, 10 Crew and command stand In Flames Of War Range 24”/60cm, ROF 4, AT 6 and FP 4+, great for both destroying aircraft and ground targets.BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su54385mm obr 1939 gun (late)7.25One model with 8 crew option Tank destruction company BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su56076mm obr 1927 gun10.40A mobile regimental cannon, used for direct fire support. In close support of infantry it could take on tanks or guns and fire HE bombartments. Contains 2 guns, 8 crew and 2 medium bases and command stand BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su56176mm obr 1927 gun (Late)10.40This blister contains: Command and two guns Regimental gun company BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su576122mm obr 1938 howitzer (x2)10.40Early/Mid/Late War BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su590203mm obr 1931 Howitzer5.99Includes one multi-part metal 203mm obr 1931 Howitzer with five crew figures, one large artillery base and one plastic base-plug sprue. One of the heaviest artillery pieces available to the Red Army in the street-to-street fighting for Berlin was the 203mm obr 1931 howitzer. Weighing 19 metric tonnes, it was mounted on its own special tracked carriage. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su670xxSoviet Stowage5.67Early/Mid/Late War, Make your vehicles look battle worn and well used, by adding camouflage nets, Jerry cans and boxes. Your tanks can also add track links for extra armour. Contains 6 Stowage Sprues BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su700Battalion HQ5.99Early/Mid/Late War, Rifle and Motor Rifle Battalion HQ - Only at Battalion level do you get any form of tactical authority. Displaying correct zeal with your troops will drive the Germans from Soviet soil! - Pack contains 8 Small bases, 4 officers, 2 standard bearer, 3 Komissars, 3 NCOs, 6 Riflemen and 3 SMG gunners BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su701Company HQ5.99Early/Mid/Late War, Rifle and Motor Rifle Company HQ - With correct political indoctrination, Russian officers will sacrifice everything to defeat the German trespassers on the Motherland - Pack contains 7 Small Bases, 1 Medium Bases, 2 Officer, 2 Kommissar, 2 Flag bearers, 4 Riflemen, 3 Light Mortar Gunner, 3 Light Mortar Loader, 1 HMG Commander, 1 HMG Gunner, 1 HMG Loader and 1 HMG Ammunition Bearer figures, 7 small and 1 medium base. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su702Strelkovy Platoon11.03Early/Mid/Late War, Rifle and Early Motor Rifle Platoon - Conscript infantry forms the backbone of Mother Russias armed might. lightly armed, self sufficient and determined to win freedom from the German Invaders - Pack contains 9 Medium Bases, 1 Officer, 4 NCO, 4 LMG Gunner, SMG gunners and 31 Riflemen. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su703SMG Platoon11.03Early/Mid/Late War, SMG and Late Motor Rifle Platoon - Conscript infantry forms the backbone of Mother Russias armed might. Lightly armed with rapid firing SMGs these troops are devastating in close combat - Pack contains 9 Medium bases, 1 officer, 4 NCOs, 3 MG gunners, and 34 SMG gunners. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su704Machine-gun Company11.03Early/Mid/Late War, maksim M1910 Heavy Machine Gun Platoon - Equipped with the Maksim heavy machine gun, the platoon can lay down a withering hail of fire to support their comrades charging into combat - Pack contains 1 small and 9 medium bases, 9 HMGs, 27 HMG crew, 1 Officer, 1 NCO, 1 Rifleman. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su705Mortar Company11.03Early/Mid/Late War, 82mm Mortar Platoon - Soviet mortar platoons working with other platoons can lay down barrages of high explosive that can scythe down enemy infantry caught in the open - Pack contains 1 small and 9 medium bases, 1 officer, 1 NCO, 1 Rifleman, 27 crew and 9 mortars BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su706Sapper Platoon5.99Diese äußerst tapferen Truppen wurden dazu ausgebildet um Panzer und anderes schweres Gerät mit Flammenwerfern und explosiven Geschossen anzugreifen. Enthält 5 mittlere Bases, 1 Offizier, 1 NCO, 3 Sappeure mit Molotovs, 9 Sappeure mit Umhängetaschen und 8 Sappeure BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su707Scout Platoon5.99Eine zähe und elastische Truppe, die wusste sich im Gelände zu verbergen. Sie beobachteten deutsche Stellungen und deren Schwächen, die sie dann für sich ausnutzen konnten. Satz enthält 21 Scouts. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su708AT Rifle Platoon5.99Eine einfache robuste Panzerjägerwaffe. Tragbar und wirksam gegen leichte Panzer und gepanzerte Transporter. Inhalt: 4 mittlere Bases, 8 Gewehrkanoniere, 4 Munitionsnachlader, 8 Felsresten. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su709Artillery HQ5.99Inhalt: 3 Offiziere, 2 Beobachter, 2 Telefonisten, 2 SMG Kanoniere, 3 Infanteristen, weiblichen Bordfunker, 2 Stühle, 1 Tisch, 1 große Base, 2 mittlere Bases und 1 kleine Base. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su711Heavy Mortar Company11.03Der 120-Mm-Mörser war der schwerste, der am Anfang des Krieges verwendet wurde. Er hatte eine verheerende Feuerkraft und war leicht zu bedienen. Enthält: 6 Schwere Mörser, 24 Mannschaftsmitglieder 2 Jäger, 1 Beobachter und Funker, 2 kleine und 6 große Bases. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su717Flame-thrower Platoon5.99Enthält: 4 mittlere Bases, 16 Flammenwerfer-Truppen und 4 SMG`s. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su718Storm Group11.03Gesammelt von überall her wurden diese tapferen Helden mit den besten Sturmwaffen ausgestattet, um die Faschisten zu vertreiben. Enthält 1 kleine und 9 mittlere Basen, 1 Offizier, 1 Unteroffizier, 13 SMG/charge bewaffnet und 24 SMGs. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su720Strelkovy Platoon (Greatcoats)11.03Early/Mid/Late War, The Pack comes with a 9 team Strelkovy platoon plus a Command and Komissar team to be used when making a company and battalion. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su722Naval HQ & Platoon11.03Early/Mid War BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su732Strelkovy Company11.03 The character of the Red Army soldier can be defined as fierce, tenacious and extremely tough, but their technical training and tactical leadership could be abysmal. With adequate leadership the Soviet soldier proved that he was a weapon to be feared. With these veterans of the Eastern Front, you will claim victory over the German fascists! Pack contains 8 Medium Bases, 2 Small Bases, and 44 Late War Soviet troops. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su733Pyl cyn & SMG Company11.03Inside the blister you will find enough miniatures to field eight SMG teams, a command SMG team, a Komissar team and a two miniature Warrior team consisting of Leytenant A V Pyl’cyn and Rita Makarievskaya. Designed by Evan Allen Painted by Jeremy Painter and James Brown. Whatever the reason for them being there, your men of the 8ya Otdyelnaya Shtrafnoy Batalon (8th Independent Penal Battalion) know the only way out is to fight and defeat the fascists, or die trying! The Komissar is there to remind them of their duty and to punish cowards.BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su734Machine-gun Company11.03The reliable and deadly Maxim water-cooled machine-gun has been serving the people’s army of the Soviet Union in battle since before the revolution, when the reactionary elite were toppled from power. Massed together they unleash a torrent of lead into the fascist invaders, stopping them dead in their tracks or keeping their heads down while you assault their position! You will find the full devastating power of a Soviet Machine-gun Company inside your pack, 8 HMG teams and a Command Rifle team to lead them. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su735Mortar Company (late)9.13The Soviet Mortar Company is a great addition to any infantry force. They are very cheap and can help your assault troops by pinning the enemy down while your Frontniks charge in. Their rapid-response and sheer number of tubes will be a vital asset for any assault to succeed. Pack includes: 6x 82-BM-41 mortar teams 1x Observer Rifle team 1x Command Rifle team BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su736Sapper Company (late)11.03This pack contains enough miniatures to field a two platoon Sapper Company. You get ten Pioneer Rifle teams and a Command Rifle team. Sapper Platoons are often available as part of Soviet infantry battalion HQs or as a separate company from Corps support choices. As Pioneer teams they make excellent anti-tank infantry if given the opportunity to leap on some over-committed armour. They are also excellent for clearing mines and obstacles in the Big Push or Trench Fight missions. If you take their supply wagon you can also lay your own mines during any game! BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su737Flame-Thrower Platoon (late)5.99Pack includes four Soviet Flamethrower Teams. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su738Anti-tank Rifle Platoon5.99This blister contains: - 1x Soviet Anti-Tank Rifle Platoon(late) - 4x Soviet PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle Teams (late) At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (WWII) the Soviets had very few Infantry portable anti-tank weapons apart from the humble Molotov cocktail. It was initially believed by the Soviet authorities that the German tanks were too heavily armoured to warrant the introduction of a anti-tank rifle, but when the German invasion came it was discovered that the German Panzers weren’t as heavily protected as first thought and development was started on anti-tank rifles.BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su739Tankodeseantniki (Late)11.03Heavy tanks: 10-12 troops each, Medium tanks: 8-10 troops each, and Light tanks: 5-6 troops each. The Tankodesantniki special rules are found on page 181 of the Flames Of War rulebook. The blister includes*: • 32x Tankodesantniki Tank Riders (enough for 10 tanks). * Blister does not include IS-2 or T-34 tanks. Scupted by Evan AllenBattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su742Cossack HQ & Platoon (dismounted)11.03Mid/Late War, siehe Bild BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su747Spetsnaz Platoon5.992 Squads - Spetsnaz / Scouts Strelkovy Platoon BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su748Mounted Razvedki Crew5.99The combat troops of a Rota Razvedki (reconnaissance company – pronounced ro-ta raz-ved-ki) are fast and deadly. Whether mounted in Soviet armoured cars, captured, or Lend-leased equipment, recon infantry will find and exploit every hole in the enemy’s defences. This pack is especially design to provide mounted Soviet crew for the vehicles used by the Rota Razvedki HQ and Razvedki Platoon. They can be mounted in captured German Halftracks including the Sd Kfz 251 (GE240 and GE241) as well as the Sd Kfz 250 (GE200 and GE201). The largest number of Rota Razvedki were mounted in Lend-lease US M3A1 armoured transporters (US300 M3A1 armored car). Some were also mounted in a home-grown armoured transporter, the BA-10 (SU301 BA-10). The BA-10 armoured transporter was simply the armoured car with the turret removed, with the turret ring left open. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su751Heavy Mortar Company10.71This blister contains: Two platoons Heavy Mortar Company BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su766Sapper Upgrade Pack (Winter)5.99Blister mit Infanterie-Modellen. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su801xxSoviet Casualties5.67The Soviet casualties pack offers some new miniatures to add to any other Soviet company to make your bases come alive with action. Originally, these figures were designed to add flavour to the massive Shtraf companies. Casey’s Shtraf battalion project uses these figures in his first company to represent heavy casualties as it charges towards the objective! These have long been a dream for Casey, an avid Soviet player, who wanted to be able to model his tide of men both advancing and in the slightly more gruesome, no matter how realistic, posed as dead and wounded. Soviet casualties can also add a bit of realism to German teams, objectives, and terrain. The pack includes 11 individually sculpted casualties with 22 figures in total. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su802Battle Hardened Strelkovy Platoon9.13This blister contains one Soviet Strelkovy Platoon. These tough Soviet veterans are idea for fielding the men of the Udarny Strelkovy Companies. Use three of these packs for a company or simply mix them with the SU732 Strelkovy Platoon (Late) miniatures or add them to the SBX02 Udarny Strelkovy Company. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su803Engineer-Sapper Platoon9.13This blister contains one Engineer-Sapper Platoon. This pack it designed to add to the third platoons to the Engineer-Sapper Companies that come in the SBX13 Engineer-Sapper Battalion . Two of these packs and your combat companies are at full strength. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su804Engineer-Sapper Flamethrower Platoon5.99This blister contains four Flame-thrower teams in Sapper Body Armour. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su805xxPartizanskiy Company13.86One Command Rifle team, one Partisan platoon, one optional Maksim HMG team, three optional PTRD Anti-tank Rifle teams, one Small bases & eight Medium bases. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su880Noble Sniper V G Zeytsev s Snipers5.99Mid War, Pack Contains: Zaytsev and scenic base, 3 Snipers, 3 spotters, 4 German casualties and 4 small bases. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su881xxVasilevsky & Blocking Detachment5.67Komissar Vasilevsky und seine HMG Mannschaften stellten sicher, dass die Entschlossenheit der sowjetischen Infanterie nicht schwankt. Jeder, der einen Schritt zurückging, war ein Verräter. Enthält: 2 kleine und 3 mittlere Bases, 1 Vasilevsky, 1 Komissar, 1 Standardträger, 1 Unteroffizier, 3 HMG`s und 9 Mannschaftsmitglieder. BattlefrontFlames of War