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Fow-su002T-26 obr 19395.99T-26 obr 1939 - Fast, agile and highly mobile, the T-26 served as a direct infantry support weapon. It takes advantage of the open plains to harass German formations. Contains: 1 Tank, 1 Tank Commander and 1 Dismounted Crew. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su004T-26 obr 1932 (with KhT-26 option)5.99Blister mit einem Panzerbausatz. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su005T-26E Turrets7.25ncludes five T-26E turrets with AA MG & Turret-rear MG options & one Tank Commander sprue. In an attempt to up-armour the T-26, the Factory No. 174 designed appliqué armour that could be retro-fitted to existing single turreted T-26 tanks during the Winter War. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su015T-605.99Mid War, Legkii Tank T-60 - A light tank developed to harass the flanks of the German army on the wide plains of Mother Russia. Its mobility and speed can create opportunities - Pack contains 1 Tank, 1 Tank Commander and 1 Dismounted Crew figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su016T-705.99Mid/Late War, Legkii Tank T-70 - T70 Light Tanks were fast and nimble. Crewed by only two men, they could afford to be sacrificed in the Recon or Infantry Support role - Pack contains 1 Tank, 1 Tank Commander and 1 Dismounted Crew figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su034Mark VIII Lend Lease Valentine5.99Reliable Valentina tanks came from the British and were ideal for providing fire support for the M4 Shermans in battle and flanking attacks. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su040xxT-286.93T-28 Medium Tank - An advanced tank for the Russians, the T-28 had two way radios, three mgs, and a short barreled 76.2mm main gun. Poor armour was a weakness - Pack contains 1 Tank, 1 Tank Commander, 1 Mounted and 1 Dismounted Crew figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su044T-28E Turrets7.25includes three T-28E turrets with AA MG option & three Tank Commanders. During the opening months of 1940 an attempt was made to improve the level of armour protection of the T-28 tank. The additional armour took the form of addition plates mounted to the front and sides of both the hull and main turret. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su053T-34 obr1942 OT-345.99Mid/Late War, Srednii Tank T-34 Obraztsa 1942 - The T-34 is one of the best tank designs of the war. The T-34 model 1942 was used extensively in the retaking of Mother Russia from the Germans - Pack contains 1 Tank, 1 Tank Commander and 1 Dismounted Crew. Also includes extra parts to mount alternative fuel drums, flamethrower and capola. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su055T-34/85 obr 19435.99Contains one tank. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su056T-34/85 Obr 19445.99This blister contains 1 Soviet T-34/85 obr 1944. In 1941 the Soviets began a programme to build an improved replacement for the T-34. The development program prioritised armour, suspension and crew ergonomics. However, after the appearance of the Panther and increasing numbers of Tiger tanks during the battle of Kursk it was made clear that the superiority of the T-34 tank was over. The F-34 76.2mm gun proved useless against the heavy front armour of the Tiger and Panther. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su057PT34 Mine Rollers (x5)6.93This pack contains five separate mine rollers and five medium bases. You can then attach to your normal T-34 obr 1942 tanks to help clear those pesky enemy minefields! This opens up a whole lot of ways you can model your mine roller tanks. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su058Stalingrad T-34 varient5.99Mid/Late War, Made in the STZ Stalingrad Tractor factory the STZ T-34 was distinguished by its unique turret and mantlet. Pack contains 1 tank, 1 commander and 1 dismounted crew. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su059T-34 Track Varients2.27In 1942 the Soviet Union was desparately short of rubber. Tireless wheels saved rubber at the expense of crew comfort. By 1943 US-supplied rubber and the new spoked wheels were available. Contains blank track sections (3 left, 3 right) with all-steel (30) and rubber-rimmed spoked (30) wheels for variation. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su060ChTZ T-34 obr 19425.99Mid War ChKZ T-34 obr 1942 (SU060) was produced by Factory No.100 at Chelyabinsk who stamped the turrets using their 5,000 ton forge-press. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su061xxUp-armoured T-34 obr 19415.67Mid War BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su071M4 Lend Lease Sherman5.99The American Emcha was very different from the Soviet built T-34 tank. It is higher and not as wide, but was liked for its reliability and spacious interior. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su073M4 76mm Sherman (M4A2)5.99Blister mit einem Modell. The up-gunned 76mm version of the reliable Emcha (M4) joined Guards units in November 1944 in time for the Budapest offensive BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su080KV-1 obr 1939 / 19407.25includes one KV-1 Heavy Tank (with obr 1939 & obr 1940 gun options) & one Tank Commander. The KV tank was a new type of heavy tank, a rejection of the multi-turreted designs like the T-35 and T-28 that had dominated the 1930s. During combat tests against the Finns during the Winter War, the new design proved itself superior to multi-turreted SMK and T-100 designs. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su081KV-27.25includes one KV-2 Heavy Tank & one Tank Commander. Experiences fighting in Finland, especially against fortified positions left Soviet high command with the realisation that the Red Army desperately needed a tank capable of dealing with reinforced bunkers. Three design programmes were hurriedly put together with one successfully prototype completed in time to see action during the Finnish campaign. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su082KV-1e7.25includes one KV-1e Heavy Tank (with KV-8 option) & one Tank Commander. The initial KV mounted both a 76.2mm and a 45mm gun in the turret with single machine gun in the hull. With the outbreak of the Winter War the KV was sent to the front, but only after the 45mm was replaced with a 7.62mm machine-gun, while another machine-gun was mounted in the rear of the turret to protect the tank from infantry assaults. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su083KV-1s7.25Mid War, Soviet Heavy Tank BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su084KV-857.25Mid/Late War, Tyzheli Tank KV-85 - Armed with a 85mm DT tank gun and mounted in a new turret, this KV heavy tank helped Mother Russia wrest the battlefield back from the Panzers - Pack contains 1 Tank, 1 Tank Commander and 1 Dismounted Crew figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su092IS-2 obr 19437.25Blister mit einem Modell. The IS-2 is available in the Guards Heavy Tank Company as a Corps Support choice in Festung Europa, Fortress Europe, and Hammer and Sickle. You can also take it in its very own force with the Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy Polk (Guards Heavy Tank Regiment) from Stalin's Onslaught. The IS-2 has Fully-tracked mobility, but is a slow tank reducing its normal cross-country movement to 8”/20cm. It has excellent armour: Front 10, Side 8 and Top 2. It is armed with the 122mm D-25T gun with a range of 32”/80cm, ROF 1, Anti-tank 15 and Firepower 2+. In Addition it has a Co-ax and a Turret rear machine-gun and a .50cal AA MG (12.7mm DShK) can be added for +5 points per tank. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su093IS-2 obr 19447.25includes one IS-2 obr 1944 tank, one Tank Commander figure and one optional .50 cal AA MG. It was equipped with the massive 122mm gun; ideal for hunting the enemy heavy tanks and firing HE (High Explosive) rounds into fortified enemy positions. The IS-2 obr 1944 introduced a faster-loading version of the gun, the D25-T with a double-baffle muzzle brake and better fire-control. It also featured a simpler hull front without a step instead using a flat, sloping glacis armour plate. Sometimes referred to as the IS-2m (lowercase 'm'), but this official designation was not used until the modernisation of the tank by the Soviets in the 1950s (IS-2M, uppercase 'M').BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su102SU-855.99Mid/Late War, Sarnokhodnoe Orudne Su-85 - The 85mm gun was devastating in the defence of the Motherland. Mounted in a T34 tank hull, it becomes an excellent hunter of German tanks. Contains: 1 Assault Gun, 1 Commander and 1 Dismounted Crew. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su103SU575.99Blister mit einem Modell. The SU 57 is a fast, hard-hitting tank destroyer. Its light and mobile. Its gun, while slightly out classed by enemy armour, is still deadly when it manages to flank its opponent. The SU 57 has frontal armour of 1 and side and top of 0. The 57mm gun has a ROF of 3, anti-tank of 10 and Firepower of 4+. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-SU104M10 3in5.99Lend lease Assault Gun Company BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su105ZIS-3010.40includes two ZIS-30 Self-propelled Anti-tank guns with crew. The ZIS-30 was amongst a handful of designs created by the Soviets as a stopgap measure in an attempt to stem the German tide after the opening phases of Operation Barbarossa. In August 1941 the design bureau at Gorky Factory no. 92 mounted the 57mm ZIS-2 gun onto the chassis of a Komsomolets artillery tractor. It proved a successful design and was quickly pressed into service. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su120SU-76M5.99Mid/Late War, A light self-propelled assault gun, the Russian army used it for direct support of infantry attacks and for defence against conuter-attacks by German Panzers - Pack contains 1 Assaut Gun, 2 Crew and 1 Dismounted Crew figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su121Su-76i5.67Mid War BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su122SU-1225.99Mid/Late War, Sanokhodnoe Ustanovka Su-122 - A medium self-propelled assault gun mounting the 122mm howitzer. With explosive and anti-tank shells, it can both support Russian infantry and fight German Panzers - Pack contains 1 Assault Gun, 1 Commander and 1 Dismounted Crew. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su123SU-1527.25Mid War, Su-152 - A heavy self-propelled assault gun mouting the massive 152mm cannon. Its armour and firepower made it more than a match for German Panzers - Pack contains 1 Assault Gun, 1 Commander and 1 Dismounted Crew figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su132ISU 122/1527.25A Corps Support choice – as a Guards Heavy Assault Gun Company Whether taking on the heavy tanks of the enemy or smashing their fortifications, the heroic Guards heavy assault gun companies are able to support the infantry at close quarters. Blister Unit Size: 3 - 5 Late War Stalin,s Onslaught pg. 33 BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su160ZSU Lend Lease M17 MGMC5.99These self-propelled guns supported many units including the HQ of the Motor Rifle Battalion, the HQ of Reconnaissance Company or the HQ of the Tank Company. Hammer and Sickle pg. 13 BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su162DShK HMG on truck5.99Mid/Late War BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su204Roto Razvedki Universal Carriers9.13 The razvedchiki are often leading the way as the Soviet exploitation forces drive through breached defences and chase down the fleeing Fascist forces. With a myriad of weapons that includes rifles, machine-guns, submachine-guns, and flame-throwers, they ride into battle mounted in armoured transporters. Some units are mounted in Lend-lease British Universal Carriers, complete with Brenguns. You can either mount the Bren in the anti-aircraft position or cut off the end and have it positioned in the front. The pack also comes with a cariety of Russian crew designed for the Universal Carrier. To represent you Razvedchiki on foot use either the SU732 Strelkovy Company for the Rifle/MG option, or SU733 SMG Platoon for the SMG option. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su271T-20 Komsomoleyets (two models, Armoured Tractor Detachment)5.99Komsomleyts Tractor - Used for towing artillery and anti-tank weapons, the Komsomoleyts tractor saw extensive service. Based on the farm tractor drivers often need little training - Pack contains 2 Tractors. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su273Stalinets (2x resin)5.99Mid/Late War, The artillery work-horse of mother Russia, heaving mighty guns forward. Contains: 2 all resin Stalinets Tractors. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su300BA-6(2x)10.40includes two BA-6 Armoured Cars & two Vehicle Commanders. Experiences with armoured cars during the Russian Civil War (1917-1922) meant that the Soviets had a great deal of interest in the development of more modern designs during the 1930s. In the eyes of the Soviets, armoured cars fell into one of two categories; light or heavy. Light armoured cars were to be armed with machine-guns while heavy armoured cars were armed with guns in the calibre ranges of 37mm – 47mm. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su301BA-105.99Early/Mid War, Soviet Tank BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su302BA-64(x2)7.25Mid/Late War, Broneavtomobil BA-64 - A 4 wheeled Armoured truck armed with a mg in a turret mount. Fast and manouverable, it patrols the plains for the following tank divisions - Pack contains 2 Armoured Cars, 2 Commanders and 2 Dismounted Crew. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su303BA-20 Armoured Car10.40ncludes two BA-20 Armoured Cars & two Vehicle Commander figures. Throughout the 1930s, the Soviets developed a number of armoured cars using conventional vehicle chassis that were modified to cope with the extra weight of the armoured hull. However, even with modification, the capabilities of these chassis were being pushed to their limits. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su400M-72 motorcycle & sidecar5.99Mid/Late War, Pack contains 4 Motorcycle combinations. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su402Ford GPA Jeep9.13Three resin models Transporter Platoon BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su421xxZIS-5 or ZIS-6 Truck (x2)10.08Gruzovik Avtomobil ZIS-5 (3t 2x4), ZIS-6 (4t 4x6) - The Zis truck was a licensed copy of the Studebaker truck. The Zis 5 is the 4 wheeled 3 ton (ZIS-6 6 wheeled) version used by Russian forces throughout the war - Pack contains 2 Truck and 2 Drivers. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su422Zis-5 3-ton truck (2x resin)5.99Early/Mid/Late War, Gruzovik Avtomobil ZIS-5 (3t 2x4) - The Zis truck was a licensed copy of the Studebaker truck. The Zis 5 is the 4 wheeled 3 ton version used by Russian forces throughout the war - Pack contains 2 Trucks BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su435ZiS-6 Pioneer Supply Truck5.99Contains two ZiS-6 Pioneer Supply Trucks. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su882Mariya Oktyabrskaya5.67Mid War, T-34 tank emblazoned with the turret slogan Boyevaya Podrooga or Fighting Girlfriend with Mariya Oktyabrskaya. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su883Kommissar M.A. Dedov (& T-34/1943 with T-34/85 Turret)7.25Brigada Komissar M. A. Dedov is a Warrior and may be added to a Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Company or Tankovy. Company for +40 points BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su884xxKapitan V.I. Nevsky (with M4A2 Sherman)5.67Kapitan V I Nevsky is a Warrior and a Company Command Tank team and may join any Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalon (Lend-Lease Tank Battalion) and replaces the Company Command M4A2 Sherman tank in the Battalion HQ for an additional +50 points. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su885xxKapitan Dmitriy Loza (with M4A2 Sherman)5.67Kapitan Dmitriy Loza with M4 76mm Sherman. BattlefrontFlames of War