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Fow-OFBX10SU Assault Guns8.19Box mit zwei Kunststoffbausätzen im 15mm Maßstab. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx01T-34 obr 1942 Company28.35The tanks inside have been individually sculpted with a great array of stowage, giving each tank its own character. And they look fantastic! The box is packed full of goodies, five individually sculpted T-34s, decals, and mounted tank crew. Inside you will find the commander’s cupola (installed on tanks from late 1943 on), some spare tracks and a few extra fuel barrels for your T-34 obr 1942. Also included is the OT-34 flame tanks flame nozzle, which fits in the hull machine-gun port. You will also get a sheet of our new Soviet decals. The sheet contains red stars, slogans and unit numbers (right). The box also includes ten magnets so that you can magnatise your turrets, keeping them safe from harm. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx02Udarny Strelkovy Batalon37.80Included: • 5x Command teams • 4x Komissar teams • 16x Rifle/MG teams • 8x SMG teams • 4x Anti-tank rifle teams • 3x Sniper teams While other armies field companies, the Red Army fields entire battalions in Flames of War! The Udarny Strelkovy Batalon will do well if you support them with the Red Army’s new heavy equipment such as assault guns and heavy tanks. Having a couple of reliable Maksim heavy machine-guns and the encouragement of a Komissar also helps to get the job done! Some of the special rule utilised by the men of the Udarny Strelkovy Batalon (in addition to the Soviet rules found on page 180-182 of the rulebook) are: BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx07Guards Rocket Mortar Battalion32.76Included: 4 x Individually sculpted BM-13 Katyusha rocket launchers with loading crews 1 x Command Rifle team 1 x Observer Rifle team 1 x Truck The rockets of the Guards Katyusha rocket batteries have inflicted terrible losses, both physical and mental, upon the German army. But now with the full fury of the Red Army bearing down on the fascist defenders, the Katyusha will break the enemy’s means and will to fight!BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx08IS-2 Tankovy Battalion35.28Box mit 5 Panzern. The IS-2 heavy tank is a terror on the battlefield. It has front armour of 10, side of 8 and top armour of 2. Its gun will liquidate enemy armour with Anti-tank 15 and Firepower 2+. It is a slow tank, but this helps them coordinate with infantry better. Once in the assault, the IS-2 will dominate enemy infantry with its heavy top armour and its rear-firing machine-gun, which makes enemy infantry re-roll successful hits in assaults. You can also load the tank up with Tankodesantniki to help protect your tank from errant anti-tank rounds and maurading infantry. The IS-2 will help any Soviet player crack German defences wide open! BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx1176mm Artilley Battalion35.28This box contains 4 guns to cover 2 Platoons of a Motostrelkovy Artillery Battalion. A Battalion may have between 2 and 6 gun Platoons. This unit employs the special rule Volley Fire. Hammer & Sickle pg. 17 BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx1645mm obr 1942 Nests16.38Two resin gun nests and two 45mm obr 1942 gun with crew. An unusual type of Soviet infantry formation was the Fortified Region (Ukreplennye Raiony). These infantry units were designed to man fortified lines such as the Stalin Line. Each Fortified Region was essentially a regiment or brigade strength unit made up of a number of Machine-gun Artillery Battalions (Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Batalon). An important part of these positions were the anti-tank guns used to back up the machine gunners. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx19BT-5 Fast Tankovy Company26.46ncludes five BT-5 Fast Tanks. The BT-5 fast tank was the first in the BT series of tanks to introduce a larger turret to accommodate the exceptional 45mm obr 1938 gun. This gun out-matched almost all of the Soviets enemy’s tanks guns, and when combined with the excellent manoeuvrability of the BT fast tank design it made for an effective weapon. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx23T-35 Heavy Tankovy Platoon19.53includes two T-35 Heavy Tanks, one optional AA MG & one Tank Commander sprue. In the 1920s and 1930s many European nations valued the idea of multi-turreted heavy breakthrough tanks, and the T-35 was the Soviet Union’s take on this concept. Design work on the T-35 tank began in 1930. Two design teams worked on competing designs, but eventually the team working on a design similar to the British Vickers A1E1 Independent won out. The first prototype was produced in July 1932, with a 76.2mm-armed central turret and four smaller turrets arranged around it. Two of the smaller turrets were armed with 37mm guns and co-axial machine-guns and two just with machine-guns. This prototype proved too complex for mass production, so work began on a simpler design. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx24T-28 obr 1933 / 1938 Heavy Tankovy Platoon16.38includes three T-28 Heavy Tanks with obr 1933 & obr 1938 gun options, three Tank Commanders & one Optional AA MG sprue. The demand for a medium tank design in the Soviet Union had led to the development of the TG-1 in 1929. However, its power plant proved highly unreliable leading the abandonment of the project in 1931. But the need for an infantry support tank that was still capable of dealing with enemy tanks remained. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx25BT-7A Self-propelled Gun Platoon16.38includes three BT-7A Self-propelled Guns, three Tank Commanders & one Optional AA MG sprue. The BT-7 fast tank was an improvement of the BT-5 design. It fitted a redesigned slopped turret, a welded hull and a more powerful engine. The overall effect was increased armour, while the tank remained as manoeuvrability as the earlier model. It also retained the excellent 45mm obr 1938 gun, giving it plenty of anti-tank punch. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx28Strelkovy Company (Winter)14.49includes Battalion HQ with one Company Command Battalion Komissar team & one 2iC Command Rifle team, one Rifle Platoon with Command Komissar team & ten Rifle team, one optional Light Mortar team, three Small three-hole bases, one Small two-hole base, five Medium four-hole bases & five Medium five-hole bases. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx29T-34 Tankovy Company17.01includes three plastic T-34 hull sprues, three plastic T-34 track sprues, three plastic T-34 components sprues, three resin T-34 obr 1940 / 1941 turrets, three T-34 obr 1940 guns, three T-34 obr 1940 / 1941 turret hatches, one plastic Soviet Tank Commander sprue & nine Rare earth magnets. The tank divisions formed the hard hitting core of the mechanised corps. They were armed with a mix of tanks with the best armed based around the new T-34 tank. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx30T-34 Tankovy Company22.68includes 5 plastic T-34 tanks with both the 76mm obr 1942 and 85mm obr 1944 turret options. Also includes 15 magnets, decal sheet and tank commanders. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx31Tank Killer Company22.68includes five all-plastic SU-100 Assault Guns with Optional SU-85M, SU-85 & SU-100M components, one Tank Commander sprue & one Soviet Decal Sheet. The SU-100 self-propelled gun was the successor to the SU-85. It was based on a similar, but not identical, chassis mounting a 100mm D-10S gun. This excellent gun could penetrate 162mm of armour at 500 meters and 150mm at 1000 meters range. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx32Heavy Rocket Mortar Battery14.49Box mit zwei Fahrzeugen und Besatzung. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx33Strelkovy Company22.68Includes six plastic Strelkovy sprues, four Small three-hole bases, two Small two-hole bases, 18 Medium four-hole bases, nine Medium five-hole bases & two plastic hole plug sprues. The Strelkovy form the bulk of the Red Army. Their role is to break through the enemy defences, forcing a gap for the mechanised troops to exploit. These formidable troops are now the latest additions to the Flames Of War plastic miniatures range. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx34ZiS Gun Battery (Plastic)17.01Includes four plastic 57mm ZiS 2 or 76mm ZiS 3 guns, four plastic artillery crew sprues, one resin HQ & OP team sprue, one resin staff team sprue, for large bases, 1 medium base, two small bases and one plastic base-plug sprue. The lightweight and mobile 76mm ZIS-3 gun forms the mainstay of the artillery – the ‘Red God Of War’ – which, like many things in the Red Army, lacks subtlety but makes up for this in sheer weight of fire. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx35Reserve Artillery Battalion (Plastic)17.01Includes four plastic 122mm or 152mm guns, four plastic artillery crew sprues, one resin HQ & OP team sprue, one resin staff team sprue, for large bases, 1 medium base, two small bases and one plastic base-plug sprue. Heavy artillery battalions armed with 122mm and 152mm heavy howitzers smash huge holes in the Fascist defences. After the heavy artillery has finished their brutal task, your frontovik move in to take on the shattered remains of the enemy. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx36IS-2 Guards Heavy Tank Company22.05Includes five plastic IS-2 obr 1943 or IS-2 obr 1944 tanks, six tank commander figures and one decal sheet. When the IS-2 heavy tank entered service with the Guards Heavy Tank Companies of the Red Army, they were the most powerful tanks in the world. Better armoured than the German Tiger, they mounted a 122mm gun capable of destroying any tank in service or smashing an anti-tank gun nest in a single hit. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-sbx37Heavy Assault Gun Company22.05Includes five plastic ISU-122 or ISU-152 assault guns. The Soviets used their self-propelled artillery in both the direct fire support and tank-hunter roles. The heavy guns of the ISU-152 could be found supporting assaulting infantry with direct fire. Their ability to instantly destroy bunkers and buildings made them excellent for supporting infantry. The ISU-122 would generally take up positions on the flanks to destroy enemy panzers or anti-tank guns. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su944Soviet Decals5.99Contains 4 seperate decal sheets with a wide variety of numbers, slogans and symbols. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-su950xxI-153 Chaika8.82includes one I-153 Chaika aircraft. The I-153 was developed as a direct result of the combat experiences during the Spanish Civil War. Reports were flooding in that the Polikarpov I-15 was being outclassed by the Italian forces flying the Fiat CR.32 in support of the Nationalist cause. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-SUAB06Vasilys Hammer50.40Includes a Brigade HQ T-34 tank, three Hero Tankovy Companies each with T-34 tanks, and a Hero Medium Asault Gun Company with three SU-100 assault guns.. BattlefrontFlames of War