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Fow-fr001Renault FT-17/18/31 Light Tank (x2)9.65Blister mit zwei Panzern als Bausatz. Renault FT-31 Mobility: Full-tracked Front 1; Side 1; Top 1 Equipment and Notes MG, Very slow tank, Unreliable. Renault FT-18 Mobility: Full-tracked Front 1; Side 1; Top 1 Range: 16"/40cm ROF 2; Anti-tank 4; Firepower 4+ Equipment and Notes Very slow tank, Unreliable, One-man turret. This blister is also used to field the FT-17 with MG and the FT-17 with S.A. 37mm gun for Poles in Blitzkrieg. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr011AMR-35 (7.5mm MG & 13.2mm MG Version) x313.463 Renault AMR-35 with 7.5mm MG & 13.5mm MG options. Renault AMR-35 with 7.5mm MG Mobility: Half-tracked Front 1; Side 0; Top 1 Equipment and Notes MG, Unreliable. Renault AMR-35 with 13.5mm MG Mobility: Half-tracked Front 1; Side 0; Top 1 Range 16"/40cm ROF 3; Anti-tank 3; Firepower 5+ Equipment and Notes Unreliable. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr020Hotchkiss H-35 or H-39 (x3)13.46Two of the French light mechanised divisions were equiped with the Hotchkiss H-35 light tank, whilst a third used the re-engined and updated H-39. Contains three vehicles The Hotchkiss H-35 in Flames Of War Mobility: Fully-tracked; Front 3; Side 3; Top 1 Short Gun Range: 16"/40cm; ROF 2; AT 4; Firepower 4+ Long Gun Range: 24"/60cm; ROF 2; AT 5; Firepower 4+ Equipment and Notes Co-ax MG, One-man turret. The Hotchkiss H-39 in Flames Of War Mobility: Fully-tracked; Front 3; Side 3; Top 1 Short Gun Range: 16"/40cm; ROF 2; AT 4; Firepower 4+ Long Gun Range: 24"/60cm; ROF 2; AT 5; Firepower 4+ Equipment and Notes Co-ax MG, One-man turret.BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr030Renault R-35 (with 45mm Gun option) (x2)9.65Two Renault R-35 Light Tanks (37mm SA-18 & 45mm obr 1938 gun options) & two Tank Commander figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr050Somua S-355.55The Somua S-35 gave excellent service to the French army as a well-armoured medium cavalry tank. The S-35 out performed nearly everything it faced in combat. It was relatively fast, had a powerful gun and was protected by 47mm of front armour. Over 430 of the 19-ton Somuas were built from 1936-1940. The tank saw service on most of the major French battlefields of 1940. A few would even crop up later in German service in Normandy as well as in various Free French formations serving well into 1945 Mobility: Fully-tracked; Front 4; Side 3; Top 1 Range: 24"/60cm; ROF 2; AT 6; Firepower 4+ Equipment and Notes Co-ax MG, One-man turret. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr070Char B1 bis, with German Flammwagen B-2(f) option6.73The Char B was nicknamed 'Stahlkoloss' (Steel Colossus) by the Germans for its size, thick armour and combat power. Contains components to build either a Char B or German Flammwagen B-2(f). The Char B1 bis in Flames Of War Mobility: Fully-tracked Front 6; Side 5; Top 2 47mm SA-35 gun Range: 16”/40cm; ROF 2; Anti-tank 6; Firepower 4+ 75mm SA-32 gun Range: 16”/40cm; ROF 2; Anti-tank 6; Firepower 3+ Equipment and Notes Co-ax MG, Multiple Gun, Slow tank, Unreliable, One-man turret, Awkward layout, Hull mounted. The Flammwagen B-2(f) in Flames Of War Fitted with the flame-thrower, the Flammwagen B-2(f) is able to dislodge in the most stubborn of defenders. Mobility: Fully-tracked Front 6; Side 5; Top 2 The Flammwagen B-2(f) can be fielded using A Bridge Too Far. Learn more about A Bridge Too Far Here... 4.7cm KwK35(f) gun Range: 24”/60cm; ROF 2; Anti-tank 6; Firepower 4+ 1.4cm Flammenwerfer Range: 4”/10cm; ROF 3; Firepower 5+BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr140Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 + ZT-39.65Blister mit zwei Panzermodellen (Zt-2 und Zt-3). One Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 & one Renault AMR-35 ZT-3. The ZT-2 mounts its gun in an extremely cramped turret on a standard AMR-35 hull, while the ZT-3 has its gun mounted as a self-propelled gun in a raised casemate. The two vehicles operate in pairs. The low, turretless ZT-3 uses its small silhouette to work its way into a good ambush position. Meanwhile the larger, turreted ZT-2 stays further back in cover to protect its flanks. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr151Laffly W15 TCC 47mm Portee5.55Contains one Laffly W15 TCC 47mm Portee with crew. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr16025mm SA-34 Portee5.55One 25mm SA-34 Portee with crew. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr170Autocanon de 75mm5.55Mounting a 75mm AA gun, the Autocanon de 75mm can be used in both an AT and AA role. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr201Lorraine 38L Armoured Carrier (x2 1pc resins)6.73Two one-piece resin Lorraine 38L Armoured Carriers, four AA MG figures & four sets of passenger figures. A peleton de châsseurs portés (light mechanised cavalry platoon) is composed of well-trained, well-equipped and well-armed troops with twice the number of light machine-guns as normal infantry. More importantly each squad of châsseurs is carried to battle in a Lorraine VBCP (Voiture Blindé de Châsseurs Portés) 38L. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr211xx3 Renault UE Carriers6.44Three Carriers. The French infantry divisions were easily the best equipped in the world for First World War-style trench warfare. Every battalion had a resupply section with Renault UE carrier. These could be used to carry or tow the battalion’s weapons into position across shell-torn ground under fire, but more importantly, they could resupply the battalion under fire. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr310Panhard-Schenider P-165.55Two Panhard-Schneider P-16 Combat Cars with Commander figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr320xxLaffly S15TOE Armoured Car9.36Blister mit zwei Modellen. Two Laffly S15TOE combat cars. In 1934, Laffly developed an armoured car in for use in the French Colonies or TOE (Théâtre d'Opération pour Exterior). The design was based on the Laffly S15 artillery tractor; armour plate up to 7mm thick was mounted on the body, covering the engine and driver compartment. The rear of the vehicle was made up of a truck bed which could be used to transport either men or equipment. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr400Fusiliers Motorcyclistes Squad5.55Blister mit 4 Motorrädern die jeweils einen Beiwagen dabei haben! 1 squad or HQ sectiojn Fusiliers Motorcyclistes Platoon BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr410Laffly W15T Truck (x2)5.55Two one-piece Laffly W15T trucks with drivers. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr420S20TL Truck5.55Two one-piece resin S20TL trucks with Driver & Seated passengers. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr50025mm SA-34 Hotchkiss gun11.12Three 25mm SA-34 Hotchkiss guns, three sets of crew, Command Rifle team, one Small base & three Medium bases. Each infantry regiment in the French Army fielded a platoon of three 25mm anti-tank guns. These regimental anti-tank gun platoons were backed up by the Compagnie Divisionnaire Anti-Chars (CDAC), the Divisional Anti-tank Company with an additional twelve 25mm guns. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr501xxTirailleurs Regimental Anti-tank Gun Platoon11.12One Command Rifle team, three 25mm SA-34 guns with crew, one Small base & three Medium bases. The 25mm anti-tank gun may not be modern enough to cope with the latest German Panzers, but for the Vichy forces in Syria, it is more than enough to cope with Allied light armoured vehicles. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr510xxFrench Divisional AT Platoon with 2x47mm SA-379.3647mm SA-37 with one Command Rifle Team & two 47mm SA-37 gun with crew. Mobility: Medium; Range: 24"/60cm ROF: 3; Anti-tank: 9; Firepower 4+ Notes Gun shield, No HE. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr540xx20mm mle 1939 (x4)11.12Four 20mm mle 1939 Anti-aircraft gun with crew, one Command Rifle team, one Small base & four Medium bases. With the Ju 87 Stuka playing such an important role in the German Blitzkrieg tactics, it became vital that the French Army employed a strong anti-aircraft defence to counter the threat posed by the German dive bombers. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr545xx25mm mle 1938 (x3)9.36Three 25mm mle 1938 Anti-aircraft guns with crew, one Command Rifle team, one Small base & three Medium bases. The need for light anti-aircraft guns became apparent to the French during the Spanish Civil War. The Hotchkiss 25mm mle 1938 was rushed into production to fill the gap in the French arsenal. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr701French Company HQ with 2x81mm + 60mm mortars5.55Company HQ with two Command Rifle Teams, one 60mm mortar team & two 81mm mortar teams. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr702French Infantry Platoon with 3 squads10.24Fusiliers Platoon with one Command Rifle Team, one VB team & six Rifle/MG teams. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr704xxFrench HMG Platoon w/ 4 8mm mle 1914 HMGs5.26Four HMGs with crew & Command Rifle team The Hotchkiss Mle 1914 became the standard heavy machine-gun of the French Army during World War One when it broke German attacks as they advanced across No Man’s Land. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr705xxFrench Mortar Platoon w/ 4 81mm mortars5.26Four mortars with crew, Observer team & Command Rifle team. Almost every mortar used by every nation in the Second World War (and since) was essentially derived from the outstanding Brandt mle 27/31 (introduced in 1927 and updated in 1931) mortar. Even its 81.4mm calibre became the European standard used by both Allied and Axis forces. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr741xxCompagnie de Tirailleurs HQ5.26One Company Command Rifle team, one 2iC Command Rifle team, two 81mm mle 27/31 mortars with crew, one 60mm mle 35 mortar with crew, two Small bases & three Medium bases. In 1941 France was a defeated nation. The Germans had installed the puppet Vichy regime, which retained only a thin veil of independence. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr742Tirailleurs Platoon10.24One Command Rifle/MG team, one VB team, six Rifle/MG team, one Small base & seven Medium bases. The state of the French troops in the Vichy Levant (the collective term given to French Syria and Lebaon) was not too dissimilar to mainland France. While the majority of troops was made up of locally raised Levantine conscripts, the Army of the Levant was stiffened with several well trained regiments of Moroccan, Senegalese, and Algerian troops. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr744xxTirailleurs Machine-gun Platoon5.26One Command Rifle team, six 8mm mle 1914 HMG teams, one Small base & four Medium bases. With the mortar platoon, the machine-gun platoons of each battalion’s fourth company provide close support to the Infantry, Vichy or Gaullist. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr745xxTirailleurs Mortar Platoon5.26One Command Rifle team, one Observer Rifle team, four 81mm mle 27/31 mortars with crew, one radio, two Small bases & four Medium bases. The 81mm mle 27/31 mortar is the basis of every 80-82mm mortar in use in every other army in World War II. These are especially useful in the mountainous regions of Lebanon and Syria where mobility is top priority. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr746Legionnaire Sapper Platoon8.49One Command Pioneer Rifle team, three Sapper Squads (two Pioneer Rifle teams per squad), one Small base & six Medium bases. While the French army of the Napoleonic wars were well supported by Sapper units, during the 19th century these specialists gradually disappeared except in the Legion. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr801xxGoum Company HQ6.44Goum Company HQ with Company Command team, 2iC Command team & Weapons Platoon with LMG section, HMG section & Mortar section. The tales of the Arabian Nights create a vision of a dark desert warrior dressed in flowing robes and a turban. In the cool desert night, he silently infiltrates across the front lines and slits his enemy’s throat while they sleep. This appropriately describes the ruthless Goumier warriors of Morocco. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr802xxGoum Rifle Platoon9.95Three Rifle Squads and Command Rifle team. Short, dark-skinned, and bearded, a Goum warrior is lean, wiry, and indifferent to the elements. Their keen eyesight made them good marksmen and their koumia, a short curved knife, was vicious in close combat. They wore their traditional black, brown, and white striped djellaba (a long, loose-fitting outer robe) and a turban with a small ponytail protruding so Allah could lift them to heaven when their task was complete. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr805xxGoum Mortar Platoon5.26includes one Command Rifle team, one Observer Rifle team, two Mortar Sections, one Small three-hole base, one Small two-hole base & four Medium four-hole bases. The 81mm M1 Mortar was based on the French Brandt design developed during World War One. The US government purchased the manufacturing rights to the mortar in the late 1930s and began production. The small mortar could be broken down into its three basic components for transport: the tube, the mount and the baseplate. The 81mm mortar’s range varied depending on the type of shell used, up to a maximum of 3,290 yards. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr812xxTirailleurs Platoon (Italy)9.95includes one Command Rifle team, three Tirailleurs Squads, one Small three-hole bases & nine Medium four-hole bases. A French Company Command is led by an officer steeped in the traditions of the French Army. He is a patriot, his courage is unquestioned and he will lead the company to victory. He will see France free again but first the army must prove itself here in Italy. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr860xxFFI Rifle Platoon8.19Five Rifle teams & Weapon team upgrades The Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur, or French Forces of the Interior (FFI) was the military arm of the French resistance movement. Before the Allied invasion of Normandy, it was a secret organisation, conducting sabotage and small raids on the enemy. However, once the Allies landed, the whole organisation took to the streets, woods and bocage to rise up and fight their former oppressors. Contains options to upgrade several stands to a SMG team, Pioneer SMG team or MG team. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr861xxFFI Weapons Section9.95Contains a selection of weapons team to add to your FFI. Contains a Bazooka team, PIAT team, 8cm Mortar team, gun crew, LMG team and pioneer figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr880General de Gaulle6.73The hero of the French forces, Charles de Gaulle, is modelled in this blister along with an individually sculpted objective marker. You may field de Gaulle in any Compagnie de Combat for +45 points. Light Tank Platoons in a force joined by de Gaulle must have R-35 tanks. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-fr940French Early War Decals5.55The French Decal Set contains 4 decal sheets: 2x White numbers, letters and playing card suits. 2x Unit symbols, colour playing cards suits and roundels. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-FRO110xxFrench Artillery Group12.87includes two Command teams, one Staff team, two Observer teams, four Artillery piece crews, four Anti-tank gun crews, four Small bases & one Medium base. The French artillery arm is the pinnacle of military technology. When an observer places a request for fire, the artillery battalion's poste central du groupe, its fire direction centre, assigns all available artillery batteries to fire the mission. This way the artillery's resources are used in the most efficient manner. For this to work all request must go through the proper channels with trained officers directing the fire. The French Artillery Group contains everything you need to create this channel of command. From Observer teams, to the Staff team, to the gun crew themselves. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-FRO501xx25mm SA-34 Hotchkiss gun2.64One 25mm SA-34 gun. The 25mm SA-34 gun was the French Army’s primary anti-tank weapon at the outbreak of World War Two. Capable of penetrating 40mm of armour at ranges up to 500m, the 25mm SA-34 was more than capable of handling all but the heaviest German tanks. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-FRO502xx47mm SA-37 gun3.51One 25mm SA-37 gun. Available in far fewer quantities than the 25mm SA-34 Hotchkiss gun, the 47mm SA-37 proved to be the best anti-tank gun on the battlefields of 1939-40. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-FRO505xx75mm mle 1897 gun3.51One 75mm mle 1897 gun (with spoked or rubber wheel options), one gun limber & one gun turntable. The 75mm mle 1897 gun was a superb piece of French engineering. It was the first gun in the world to combine a breech-loading mechanism with an effective recoil system. This quick-firing weapon made every other artillery piece obsolete. Despite being over forty years old, the soixante quinze – the ‘seventy five’– is still one of the most rapid-firing artillery pieces in existence. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-FRO507xx155mm C mle 1917 S howitzer3.51includes one 155mm C mle 1917 S howitzer with 105mm L mle 1913 S gun option, two spoked wheels, two solid rubber wheels & one Large base. BattlefrontFlames of War