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Fow-us500M3 37mm gun7.25The 37mm anti tank gun has a very low profile making it easy to conceal when ambushing tanks. Excellent against German half-tracks - Pack contains 2 Large Bases, 2 Anti-Tank Guns, 8 Crew figures and command stand. During the Spanish Civil War, light anti-tank guns such as the German Pak 36 proved successful in neutralising the threat posed by tanks. Seeing the value of such a weapon, the Ordnance Committee begun the development of the M3 based on these concepts. The resulting weapon was first issued to US Armed Forces in 1940 and the M3 37mm become the first gun in US service dedicated to an anti-tank role. The M3 provides an effective defence against light tanks and halftracks with its high rate of fire. ROF 3; Anti-tank 7; Firepower 4+ While its Gun Shield is able to protect the crew from small arms fire.BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-us501M1 57mm gun10.4057mm anti-tank gun M1 - Carriage M1 - Used on a large scale throughout the war, it was based on the British 6 pdr in order to get this effective weapon into immediate service - Pack contains 2 Medium Bases, 1 Small Base, 2 Anti tank Guns, 8 Crew and 3 Command figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-us502M1 57mm gun (Airborne)10.40Two M1 57mm guns with US Para crew and command The M1 57mm airborne anti-tank gun is part of the Glider Anti-tank Platoon from page 42 of D Minus 1. The 57mm is a handy anti-tank weapon, able to defeat any but the most heavily armoured German tanks. It has range 24”/60cm, FOR 3, AT 10, FP 4+, a Gun shield, but no HE. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-us510M5 3in Gun11.03Blister mit zwei Geschützen. The 3in Gun M5 is an anti-tank gun developed by the US from the T9 3in anti-aircraft gun. In late 1940 the US Ordnance Corps began to adapt the T9 3in Gun to the anti-tank role. The barrel of the T9 was combined with the horizontal sliding block breech, hydropneumatic recoil system and split-trail carriage of the M2 105mm howitzer. The prototype test weapon was designated the T-10 and began trials in September 1941. Field trials soon proved the new weapon was a great improvement over existing US anti-tank guns. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-us541M1 Bofors gun (x2)10.40Blister mit zwei Geschützen. At the beginning of WWII the US army’s Anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) was the poor relation of the armed services. Much of their equipment was a mix of obsolete 3” guns and single barrel water-cooled .50 cal machine-guns. The success of the German army in 1939-40 cause the US army to re-evaluate much of its AAA equipment and capabilities. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-us550M1 90mm gun7.25Contains one M1 90mm gun with 8 crew. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-us560M1A1 75mm pack howitzer7.25M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer (Para) - Designed to be utilised by the elite US airborne forces, the M8 gives the paratroopers an effective artillery piece which can be deployed rapidly - Pack contains 2 Medium Bases, 2 Artillery Pieces and 8 Crew Figures. BattlefrontFlames of War
Fow-us718Armored Rifle Platoon Dismounted MGs5.99.30cal and .50cal were often dismounted from M3 halftracks by their crews. The added weight of firepower was ideal for defensive positions. Contains: 3 .30cal gunners, 6 crew, 3 .30cal MGs, 3 .50cal gunners, 6 crew, 3 .50cal MGs, 5 medium bases. BattlefrontFlames of War