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7%-SG-FACG01Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide 1: Marauders of the Rift7.34Softcover Regelwerk, DIN A5 in englisch. Enthält die Regeln und den Hintergrund für 6 Fraktionen, darunter das Oroshan Imperium. Die Kampagne enthält ausserdem neue Szenarien, Regeln, Hintergrundwissen und Spielmechaniken. Marauders, pirates, raiders, corsairs, call them what you will, this full colour Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide delivers to you page-after-page of thrilling information to take your space combat games to a new level. Six new factions are introduced, including the audacious Oroshan Imperium, along with statistics for numerous space vehicles, mercenary fleets, new in-game mechanics, a full campaign background and tabletop scenarios for you to game. Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
7%-SG-FARB07Firestorm Armada 2.0 Softback Rulebook8.78Das neu aufgelegte Regelwerk 2.0 für Firestorm Armada in englisch. Enthält die vollständigen Regeln in nochmals überarbeiteter und leichter verständlicher Version. Ausserdem die bis heute veröffentlichten Errata, angepasste Aufstellungsregeln, Regeln für Terrain, das Entern von Schiffen und Staffeln. Hinzu kommen neue Illustrationen, Photos, Diagramme, aktualisierte Einheiten und Flottenwerte für alle Nationen und Fraktionen. The Firestorm Armada 2.0 Rulebook marks an exciting coming of age for a game that has literally swept across space gaming tables since its introduction in 2009. With collaboration from a worldwide community of gamers, 2.0 offers a whole host of enhancements that turn Firestorm Armada into an even more exciting and engaging game. Space… Just Got Deadlier! In the latest edition you can expect to see: more distinct playstyles across the core factions; greater racial tactical diversity (including new 'Tactical Ability Cards'); Tactical Strikes to take out key systems on an enemy vessel; faster and deadlier rules for Carriers and their Short Range Spacecraft; new Fleet Building systems (presenting you with even more options and tactics); rules for dynamic moving Terrain; smoother Boarding Assault rules and brand new Weapon Types to crush your enemies! Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada
SG-FABB02Storm Zone: Return of the Overseers 2 Players Box48.94INSIDE THIS TWO PLAYER BOXED SET: AQUAN PRIME 1 Oannes Class Heavy Carrier 2 Sulis Class Cruisers 2 Shiva Class Gunships 4 Chimaera Class Frigates 2 Large SRS Tokens 2 Small SRS Tokens DIRECTORATE 1 Anarchist Class Battleship 2 Turmoil Class R&D Cruisers 2 Annihilation Class Gunships 4 Liquidator Class Frigates 2 Large SRS Tokens 2 Small SRS Tokens ALSO IN THE BOX 1 multi-part resin and acrylic Dimensional Gate 1 Firestorm Armada 2.0 Rulebook 3 Token & Template Sheets 2 Asteroid Sheets 2 Fast Play Sheets 2 Tactical Action Card Decks 24 Dice 1 Mission Booklet When the leaders of the Aquan Prime heard of the assault of Proteus Prime by Directorate forces they were gripped with fear. The ancient texts told of a great danger hidden in the planet, an ancient force that could destroy the entire galaxy. In response the latest fleet of Aquan starships was sent to intercept and destroy the Directorate fleet orbiting the planet. An epic battle is taking place above the planet of Proteus Prime - so gather your forces Commanders it is time for war! Spartan GamesFirestorm Armada