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SG-DWAC07Russian Coalition Armoured Brigade Box39.42Highly detailed models making up the Russian Coalition Armoured Brigade Box: 2 x Belgorod Class Land Ships, 2 x Tyumen Class Repair Vehicles, 12 x Kamchatka Class Medium Tanks, 12 x Tikhvin Class Small Tank Bases, 1 x Vorkuta Class Land Driller, 3 x Volochok Class Bombards, 3 x Infantry Tokens, 2 x Engineer Tokens, 24 x Dice (8 x Red, 8 x Black & 8 x Blue), 1 x Acrylic Ruler, 2 x A5 Token Sheets, 4 x Activation Cards, Acrylic Bases, 1 x 6” Scenic Bridge, and 10 x Scenery Buildings. The massed forces of the White Army are famed for their resilience, bravery and aggression. Advancing though the thickest of enemy fire, Russian Coalition forces do whatever is needed to bring their close-ranged guns to bear on the enemy. For they know that their overwhelming firepower at close range is the key to victory. A full strength Shock Armoured Regiment makes up the bulk of this Russian armoured horde. They advance in tight order around the Tyumen Repair Vehicle, allowing this support unit to make good as much damage as it can. Immensely difficult to stall, this Regiment is a death sentence for any enemy that allows them to stray too close. Supporting them is a Shock Artillery Regiment. Unlike most artillery, Russian Volochok Bombards advance with the rest of the armour, providing continuous supporting fire to the tanks from their powerful mortars. Rather than having dedicated spotters, this Artillery Regiment brings with it a Belgorod Land Ship and a Battalion of Medium Tanks, making it almost as deadly as the Shock Armoured Regiment it is supporting. A Subterranean Regiment provides a devious surprise assault force for this massed armoured advance. A single massive Vorkuta land driller, packed full of infantry and engineers is able to traverse the very strata of the Earth itself to deploy its precious cargo wherever it will hurt the enemy most. This Brigade exemplifies the simple but effective tactics of the White Army – a single, virtually unstoppable mass of heavy armour, supported by fast flanking forces.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRC07Russian Coalition Tiny Flyer Tokens (30)4.00Blister mit dreissig Modellen auf 10 Token. Russian Coalition Tiny Flyer Tokens are swept-back biplanes that feature oversized engine compartments and an overly-large fuselage. As such, they stand true to the Russian’s status as an industrial powerhouse, and are a menacing addition to the skies above the battlefield. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRC21Archiv : Russian Coalition Armoured Battle Group17.55Starterbox der Landstreitkräfte mit 20 Modellen, einem Flottenleitfaden und Schablonen. 1x Belgorod Class Land Ship 3x Volochok Class Bombard 6x Kamchatka Class Medium Tanks 10x Tikhvin Class Small Tanks A 5 Tokens Fleet Guide Templates The key to Russian military strength has always been the vast White Army. Driven by oil-fired engines, their tanks and other armoured vehicles are large and immensely strong. The Armoured Battle Group is the ideal way to begin realising what an unbelievable force the Russian Coalition is on land. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRC22Russian Coalition Belgorod Class Land Ship (1)7.20Blister mit einem Modell aus Resin, Bitz aus Resin und Zinn, einer Acrylbase. The Belgorod Class Land Ship forms the majority of the Shock Armies’ heaviest engines. Running on massed banks of wheels, the Belgorod is a veritable rolling fortress, able to cover all possible angles of attack. Designed for aggressive operations, it is capable of wading into the midst of enemy armoured formations and then blasting away at targets on every bearing. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRC23Russian Coalition Kamchatka Class Medium Tank (6)4.00Blister mit 6 Modellen aus Resin. Held behind a wall of Land Ships, the Kamchatka Class Medium Tanks initially serve as a rearguard, using their flexible turrets to ward off any outflanking attempts, whilst protected from incoming fire. Then, when close enough, they spring forward with their powerful engines to wreak havoc with a series of infantry assaults. They then continue to throw out a frightening volume of close-range fire, remaining a threat to even the most resilient of opponents. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRC28Russian Coalition Kursk Class Land Dreadnought (1)11.16Blister mit einem Modell aus Resin, Bitz aus Resin und Zinn, drei Flugtokens, einer Base. Dreadnoughts are some of the most formidable machines of war deployed in the world of Dystopian Wars. It was only a matter of time before land variants of these brutal ships entered the fray. It is perhaps not a surprise, however, that the first to utilise such a ship is the Russian Coalition. The heart of their military strength, the White Army is proud to unleash the Kursk Class Land Dreadnought into battle. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRC44Russian Coalition Subterranean Group20.66Contains: 2 x Vorkuta Class Land Drillers, 8 x Tikhvin Class Small Tanks, 3 x Tyumen Class Repair Vehicle and 2 acrylic submerged templates Inside this box is a Russian Coalition Subterranean Group. Able to navigate the very strata of the earth itself, Vorkuta Class Drillers add an additional trick to any Russian Commander’s arsenal, deploying their precious Tikhvin Class Small Tank cargo wherever it is needed with little chance of interception. All the while, dispersed amongst the massed armoured formations are the Tyumen Repair Vehicles. Each machine a mobile repair facility, they carry out running repairs in battle, keeping tanks in the action. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRC47Russian Coalition Ground Fortifications17.10Contains: 2 x Tower Sets, 1 x Bunker Complex and 2 acrylic blast templates Inside this box are Russian Coalition Ground Fortifications. Built in the style laid down by the Yakovlevs centuries before, these bespoke works of military architecture appear in the wake of the Coalition advance. Well armed and invulnerable to all but the most dedicated attacks, Russian Fortifications ensure that the lands taken in the name of the Tsar will remain within his possession for many years to come. Ground Fortifications make a useful addition to an Armoured Fleet, or can make a fun addition to Scenario-based games. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars