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SG-DWAC06Republique of France Armoured Brigade Box39.42Highly detailed models making up the Republique of France Armoured Brigade Box: 3 x Bastille ‘N-5’ Class Land Ships, 1 x Danton Class Land Ship, 4 x Focault ‘R-6’ Class Medium Tanks, 3 x Marteau ‘ACA-8’ Class Bombards, 5 x Hotch ‘FT-12’ Class Small Tank Bases, 6 x L’Arman ‘Char-1C’ Class Medium Tanks, 24 x Dice (8 x Red, 8 x Black & 8 x Blue), 1 x Acrylic Ruler, Acrylic Bases, 2 x A5 Token Sheets, 4 x Activation Cards, 1 x 6” Scenic Bridge, and 10 x Scenery Buildings. The armed forces of the Republique of France are famed for their ability to maintain aerial superiority through a combination of matchless fighter planes and heavy interceptors coupled with dense Ack Ack barrages from the ground or water. The Grele Class Flak Tank assures their continued dominance of the air from the ground. Squadrons of these Flak Tanks are able to create a wide and impenetrable net that even the largest airships and sky fortresses will fear to approach, and any lesser vessels will be shot from the sky in seconds. Another common tactic the Republique’s Commanders employ is to attach these vehicles as close support to their other armoured Squadrons. This deters any attempt to weaken their advance with opportunistic bombing runs and can be used to effectively shield the Squadron from rocket attacks and boarding assaults. No defensive formation will be complete without a wall of Grele to blunt an aerial assault, and any push by the Republique’s own air armadas will find its offensive unopposed by enemy fighter screens with these Flak Tanks to lead the way.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF06Republique of France Voltaire Class Heavy Interceptor7.47Blister mit drei Modellen. The innovative approach of the Republique of France is epitomised by the Voltaire Class Heavy Interceptor. An exceptional hunter of the sky, this elite aircraft cements its rightful place as a feared powerhouse in the air. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF07Republique of France Tiny Flyer Tokens4.28Blister mit dreissig Modellen auf 10 Resinbases. Fast, furious and unrelenting, the Republique of France Tiny Flyers are crewed by dedicated pilots able to use their training to protect the larger vessels in a Fleet from boarding assaults. No opposing commander ignores them twice. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF19Republique of France Tower Set9.31Blister mit zwei Modellen aus Resin, Bitz aus Resin. Grand, stylish, unforgiving are all apt descriptions of the aesthetic looks and lethal capabilities of the Republique of France Tower Set. The standard load-outs are all available, along with the nation specific Mortar Tower. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF20Republique of France Bunker Complex8.26Blister mit einem Modell aus Resin, Bitz aus Resin. It is easy to envision the resurgence of the Republique of France as a great power when you set your eyes on this masterpiece. With awesome offensive and defensive capabilities, and vastly armoured walls, the Bunker Complex is a force to be reckoned with. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF21Archiv : Republique of France Armoured Battle Group17.55Starterbox der Landstreitkräfte mit 20 Modellen, einem Flottenleitfaden und Schablonen. Although France does not possess an overseas empire, the Foreign Legion accepts recruits from all over the world and moulds them into a unique and elite fighting force. The French land military force is known as l’Armee de Terre. L’Armee de Terre is split into the Armee de Reguliers, Armee de Reserve and the much-feared Commande d’Assault Lourds. These armies form some of the Republique’s most feared elite forces and the Armoured Battle Group makes them yours to command. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF27Republique of France Masaulle Class Mobile Airfield10.66Blister mit einem Modell, 6 Flyer Token. Built to conquer the land, the huge tracks of the Masaulle Class Mobile Airfield have left their mark on many shattered battlefields across Western Europe. Armed with an impressive array of weaponry and a complement of Tiny Flyers, their commanders brook no surrender and expect no remorse. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF28Republique of France LArman -Char 1C- Class Medium Tank4.50Blister mit sechs Modellen aus Resin, Bitz aus Resin. The Char 1C was designed from the outset to be what the French military calls a ‘char de rupture’, or breakthrough tank. It is larger and tougher than the standard R-6 Focault. The first units were issued to the Heavy Assault Command, and are often used in conjunction with the mighty Bastille Class Land Ships. These armoured vehicles are more than capable of blasting a hole in enemy lines, which the faster medium and light tanks can then exploit. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF41Republique of France Battle Flotilla24.21BOXED SET CONTENTS Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 1 x Charlemagne Class Dreadnought 2 x Toulon Class Armoured Cruisers 3 x Ecuyer Class Support Cruisers 4 x Chevalier Class Destroyer French Battle Flotillas contain a variety of naval warships, making it a superb addition to any French Naval Fleet. At the top of the food chain is a devastating Dreadnought, its intimidating mass enough to strike fear into any enemy. Next up we have fast and flexible Destroyers and the icing on the cake are the Escorts, designed to protect a fleet from aerial assaults. These specialised vessels join forces to make a Battle Flotilla a fantastic asset for any Republique Commander. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF42Republique of France Skimmer Flotilla22.56BOXED SET CONTENTS Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 1 x Mk I Magenta Class Pocket Battleship 3 x Marseille Class Cruisers 4 x Alma Class Frigates 8 x Acrylic Flight Stands No other nation has adopted gravity negation technology with the same vigour and enthusiasm as the French. Applied to every sized ship a Commander could ask for, they bring a unique fighting force to the field of battle. Able to fight on both sea and on land, these marvels of the Sturginum Age can be used as the core of a Republique fleet, or make a wonderful addition to any French Land Force or Naval Fleet. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF43Republique of France Support Flotilla14.40BOXED SET CONTENTS Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 1 x Couronne Class Battle Carrier 3 x Epaulard Class Submarines (PLUS 3 x Submerged Tokens) Epaulard Class Submarines are supplied on a Scenic Base 6 x Tiny Flyer Tokens At the core of this Flotilla is a single enormous Fleet Carrier. A cross between a Battleship and an Airbase, this mighty warship is able to launch wave after wave of deadly aeroplanes, dominating the skies, before adding its considerable firepower to the fray. Further supporting a fleet is a Squadron of Submarines which are armed with massive mortars, and therefore capable of providing much welcomed additional firepower to a fleet, before sinking beneath the waves when the enemy draws too near. A Support Flotilla is a potent addition to any Naval Fleet. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF44Republique of France Armoured Support Group14.67BOXED SET CONTENTS Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 1 x Masaulle Class Mobile Airfield 4 x Arbalete Class Medium Land Carriers 10 x Tiny Flyer Tokens The Republique of France has long been known to be the Master of the Skies in battle – and these war machines go a long way towards reinforcing that accolade. At the core of this Support Group is an enormous Mobile Airfield - well-armed, armoured and packed full of Tiny Flyers. The combined ability of this gigantic vehicle to lay down heavy firepower, and the option to amass an impenetrable swarm of brave French pilots, makes an Armoured Support Group a lethal addition to any French Armoured fighting force. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF45Republique of France Aerial Battle Group25.02BOXED SET CONTENTS Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 1 x Tourbillion Class Large Airship 3 x Furieux Class Scoutships 5 x Frelon Class Small Flyers 3 x Tiny Flyer Tokens 9 x Acrylic Flight Stands Inside this box is a Republique of France Aerial Battle Group, the building block from which a commander can start an air force, or a great addition to any French Land or Naval fleet. Led by a Large Airship and supported by a Squadron of Scoutships and Small Flyers this force presents a real danger to enemy air forces, ships and ground forces alike. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWRF47Republique of France Ground Fortifications18.23BOXED SET CONTENTS Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 1 x Bunker Complex 2 x Tower Set 1 x Acrylic Base As many Grand Alliance commanders have learned to their peril, the extensive bunker complexes built by the Republique of France present an almost insurmountable obstacle in battle. Well-armed with huge rotary mortars and nigh-on indestructible, they are a testament to the nation’s defensive abilities. Flanked by a pair of tactically flexible towers, a line of Fortifications will require the enemy to commit an incredible amount of resources for even a chance to dent an area defended by these structures. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars