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7%-SG-DWCB02Campaign Book: Storm of Steel16.31Ein gebundenes Regelwerk auf englisch. Enthält neben dem Kampagneninhalt die Regeln und Werte für Söldner und die neuen Truppen der Allianz. Invasion and retaliation shake the great powers and their allies as the World War explodes in Northern Europe! Storm of Steel is the second Campaign Book for Dystopian Wars and within its pages we massively develop the history of the world, play out military campaigns, expand on the great commanders of the period, offer exciting scenarios and provide new game rules to enhance the current rule set. It is a must for all military commanders.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
7%-SG-DWCB03Campaign Book: Operation Sirocco14.67Ein gebundenes Regelwerk auf englisch. Contains: 1 x Operation Sirocco Campaign Book. Early 1872: the World War roars into North and East Africa. The Republique of France prepares to launch its forces across the Mediterranean to capture, and secure, the resource-rich territories of Western New Carthage with the help of its Prussian and Italian allies. But this will not be an easy task; the Kingdom of Britannia has reinforced its garrisons in the region, drawing in divisions from the far corners of the Empire. With the Ottoman Empire having pledged to join the Imperial Bond, the Britannians have sent an expeditionary force northwards into the Red Sea and the Ottoman East African territories. And in the mysterious lands around the upper Nile a secret mission is underway by forces of the Covenant of Antarctica. The western Mediterranean and Red Seas have become cauldrons of chaos as mighty armies and fleets fight to the death. Our latest Dystopian Wars book details this exciting campaign and delivers nine exciting scenarios that play out key moments of the narrative. This book also sees the first physical print of the Armoured Clash ground combat rules. Designed to make battles between enormous Brigades of Tanks and Land Ships faster and deadlier, this new system allows you to easily play out the most titanic engagements, like those described in Operation Sirocco. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
7%-SG-DWRB02Dystopian Wars Rulebook V1.114.37Ein gebundenes Regelwerk Version 1.1 auf englisch. Vollfarbig illustriert mit vielen Erklärungen, Beispielen, Hintergrund zu den Fraktionen, Werten und Fotos. Ausserdem ist ein laminiertes Playsheet enthalten. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
7%-SG-DWRB04Admiral Edition v2.0 Core Rulebook13.05The Dystopian Wars 2.0 'Admiral Edition' Rulebook heralds major enhancements to our Victorian Super Science Fiction game. Delivered in a softback finish, this full colour is designed for gamers to slip into their gaming bags,giving them easy access to the core rule engine. Its contents include: • Brand New Book Design & Layout • Improved Core engine • Enhanced Force and Deployment rules • Ability to play larger games • Diagrams and examples • Packed Full of colour photographs • Streamlined mechanics designed to speed up game play A must buy for all Dystopian Wars Commanders. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
7%-SG-DWRB05Fleet Action Rules Booklet4.73Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action fast play rules delivers a quick game using the many Dystopian Wars models available. This is the same ruleset included in the Battle For Iceland 2 player box set and it available separately for anyone wanting to take a look, or use other models from the range. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWBB01Dystopian Wars -Operation: Shadow Hunter- 2 Player Boxed Set43.52Enthält ein 128seitiges Kompaktregelbuch (alle Regeln, aber kein Fluff und Werte), ein 32seitiges Szenariobuch, drei Geländeschablonen, drei Bögen mit Markern, Token und Schablonen, 15 Standardwürfel, 6 Miniwürfel,eine Wani Mobile Einsatzbasis, zwei Wani Terroship sowie 18 Blazing Sun und 26 Federate of America Modelle. Contents: 1 x 128 Page Admiral Edition Rulebook, 1 x 32 Page A5 Scenario Book, 3 x A4 'Punch Out' Scenery Sheets, 3 x A5 Tokens and Templates Sheets, 15 x Standard Game Dice - Red, 2 x White Micro Dice, 2 x Red Micro Dice, 2 x Green Micro Dice, 1 x Large Wani Forward Deployment Base Empire of the Blazing Sun 1 x New Heavy Battleship 1 x Wani Terror Ship - Solid resin Model 1 x Wani Terror Ship ? Clear resin Model 3 x New Cruisers 4 x Frigates 5 x Corvettes 5 x Tiny Flyer Tokens 1 x Tiny Flyer Token movement tray Federated States of America 1 x New Battleship 1 x New Large Submarine 1 x New Large Submarine Submerged Base 6 x Small Submarine Tokens 3 x New Cruisers 4 x Frigates 5 x Corvettes 5 x Tiny Flyer Tokens 1 x Tiny Flyer Token movement tray Ships are vanishing without a trace... Rumours of a mysterious 'Ghost Ship' are whispered by merchant crews... Set in the waters around South America, Operation Shadow Hunter pits two bitter enemies against each other: the Empire of the Blazing Sun and the Federated States of America. In territory that once belonged to the Republic of Argentina, the forces of the Empire of the Blazing Sun are once again on the move. Their plan is complex, their overall objective still a secret, but the dice have already been rolled and the battle lines drawn. The eastern forces have a new and deadly ally. The infamous Wani have returned from exile, contributing never-before-seen technology to seal their new pact of service with the Empire. To the north, the Federated States of America has responded with speed to the loss of its own vessels, both military and civilian. In a bid to counter the mysterious 'Ghost Ship' the chief scientists of this great nation have accelerated development of their own secret weapon - the Boston Class Submersible - and the American Admirals are eager to prove it in battle. Designed to engage and destroy even the most formidable enemy ships, the Boston Class comes armed with the latest advanced weaponry and a complement of Assault Subs. The scene is set for lethal conflict as two of the deadliest naval forces on the planet clash in the once calm waters off the coast of Brazil. Dare you take command in Operation Shadow Hunter?Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWEX10Dystopian Wars Template Set7.34This set contains large, medium and small turning templates, a 45 degree turning template, a 90 / 270 degree firing arc template and an 8” ruler to use in your games of Dystopian Wars. The templates are laser-etched in 3mm acrylic, giving them an impressive high-quality finish. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWEX12Amphibious Landing Set27.18Contains: 1 Large Landing Barge (multi-nation Drop-Ons), 3 Medium Landing Platforms, 10 Naval Tugs, 4 Small Troop Barges, 2 Apollo Support Carriers and 8 A5 Beach Tiles. Models unpainted and unassembled. Seizing a foothold on an enemy controlled beach is no simple task, as towering coastal defences, deadly minefields and massed enemy armour will fervently hold each inch of ground. The only sure fire way to victory in these circumstances is with the use of overwhelming force; crushing resistance in a tide of Heavy Tanks and Land Ships safely transported to the beachhead in redoubtable Landing Craft. Inside this box are 8 x A5 high quality, full colour tiles designed to help gamers lay down over five feet of beach objectives. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWSC06Towns and Installations Set19.85Contains: 1 Large Military Bunker plus various nation drop-ons, 3 Medium Military Bunkers, 4 Small Military Bunkers, 6 Triple Warehouses, 10 Single Warehouses, 3 Refineries, 1 Manor House, 1 Medium House, 5 Small Houses, 1 Zeppelin Tower, 1 Capital Building and 3 Dock Cranes. Models unpainted and unassembled. Great conflicts often take place amongst the towns and cities of the world, with the outcome of battles often decided by the control of key locations, such as munitions factories and bunker complexes. Inside this box you will find a wide selection of civilian buildings and military installations to help transform your gaming table into the World of Dystopian Wars. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars