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SG-DWAC01Kingdom of Britannia Armoured Brigade Box39.42Highly detailed models making up the Kingdom of Britannia Armoured Brigade Box: 5 x Steward Class Guardian Tanks, 8 x Mk II Class Medium Tanks, 5 x Terrier Class Small Tank Bases, 1 x Sovereign Class Mk II Land Ship, 6 x Cromwell Class Bombards, 6 x Foxhound Class Light Tanks, 1 x Lysander Class Mk I Land Ship, 2 x Engineer Infantry Tokens, 24 x Dice (8 x Red, 8 x Black & 8 x Blue), 1 x Acrylic Ruler, 2 x A5 Token Sheets, Acrylic Bases, 4 x Activation Cards, 1 x 6” Scenic Bridge and 10 x Scenery Buildings. As might be expected from the pioneers of the Land Ship, the great land fleets of the Kingdom of Britannia are known across the world for their ability to roll over any foe. They withstand the fiercest enemy firepower with a combination of thick armour, energy shields and strict Britannian discipline, before bringing their guns to bear for devastating retaliation. At the core of this Brigade is a full strength Medium Tank Regiment. With eight MkII tanks, it provides the core of the Brigade’s fighting forces. Bolstered by the heavy firepower of a Steward Command Tank and the speed of a Battalion of nimble Terrier Ironclads, this Regiment is ready and able to handle any situation it confronts. A Regiment of the Royal Artillery stands behind the advancing line of iron. Six Cromwells commanded by a mortar-equipped Land Ship smother the enemy ranks with long-range salvoes, before the tanks and ironclads sweep aside the shattered remnants. Finally, the Brigade contains a Royal Engineers Regiment. Comprised of a Lysander Land Ship with a full complement of infantry Engineers, supported by no less than four Steward heavy Tanks, this Regiment lends the Brigade immense closerange firepower. The experienced Britannian forces can deal with any battle situation, and this Brigade shows their flexibility. The Artillery strikes at range, while the Medium Tanks hold the enemy in place for the Engineers to deliver the final shattering hammerblow!Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWKB06Kingdom Of Britannia Bomber (3)7.47Blister mit drei Modellen. The Doncaster Bomber has a powerful bomb attack, so that when a squadron of Doncasters makes a combined bombing run they can cause a lot of damage. They are also armed with torpedoes, so that they can cause disruption and destruction to naval models during their approach run. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWKB20Kingdom of Britannia Bunker Complex8.26Blister mit einem zweiteiligen Bunkerkomplex aus Resin, Geschützen aus Zinn. This massive and imposing structure houses many hordes of heavily-equipped and rigorously trained Kingdom of Britannia personnel. Use the Bunker Complex to give your troops the protection they need to outlast their opponents and emerge from battle victorious. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWKB25Kingdom Of Britannia Terrier Class Small Tank (20)4.28Blisterpack mit 20 Modellen auf 10 Bases. The Terrier is fast and agile, usually deployed in large numbers as a screen. In a combined attack a full squadron is a threat to most targets. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWKB26Kingdom of Britannia Illustrious Class Sky Fortress10.58Blister mit einem Modell und optionaler Ausrüstung aus Resin, Geschützen aus Zinn, Flugtokens, einer Flugbase. High above the waves the Illustrious Class Sky Fortress gracefully glides into battle, held aloft by six gigantic manoeuvring rotors and the Royal Engineering Corps most advanced Sturginium Gravitation Generators. But do not let the majes¬tic soaring fool you, this is a beast born for war, with a host of deadly and devastating weapons that it brings to the fight. It can pummel you with turret fire while deadly squadrons of fighters and fighter bombers launch, ready to bring even more death and destruction to the fray. Illustrious is the name of this model, but its enemies may perhaps rename it to Infamous once they ve felt its wrath in battle.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWKB47Kingdom of Britannia Ground Fortifications17.10BOXED SET CONTENTS Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 1 x Bunker Complex 2 x Tower Set 1 x Acrylic Base Inside this box are Kingdom of Britannia Ground Fortifications. For all the might of the finest Land Ships and Flying Machines, nothing keeps the enemy at bay better than a fortress. Inside this box you get an enormous Bunker Complex and two lofty Towers. Rugged and nigh-on indestructible they are simply the best thing a Commander can deploy on the field to ensure that what they are defending remains theirs. Ground Fortifications makes a useful addition to an Armoured Fleet, or can make a fun addition to Scenario-based games. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWKB52Kingdom Of Britannia Armoured Battle Group v2.024.48Contents: 1 x Royal Oak Land Ship, 1 x Lysander Land Ship, 3 x Cromwell Assault Bombard, 3 x MK2 Armstrong Medium Tank, 3 x Steward Heavy Tank, 4 x Foxhound Light Recon Tank, 5 x Terrier Small Tank,2 x Engineer Infantry, 2 x Line Infantry Token, 10 x SAS Token, 2 x SAW Movement Tray, 6 x 7mm Dice, 3 x A5 Token and Template Sheets, 1 x TAC Deck The Kingdom of Britannia maintains impressive Armoured Battle Groups of famed battlefield pedigree. Devastating ordnance of all calibres pounds the enemy as Royal Oak and Lysander Land Ships open fire, joined by Cromwell Assault Bombards, Armstrong Medium Tanks and Steward Heavy Tanks unleashing their own lethal volleys. This firepower quickly clears the way for Foxhound Recon Tanks and Terrier Small Tanks to get up close and clean up what remains of the enemy. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars