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SG-DWBS19Empire of the Blazing Sun Tower Set9.31Blister mit zwei Modellen und jeweils 5 Turmoptionen aus Resin. This stunning Tower Set personifies the forcefully organised Empire of the Blazing Sun military forces. Managing to be both elegant and deadly, this versatile entity will put an end to your enemies’ plans and, instead, turn the tide in your favour. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWBS20Empire of the Blazing Sun Bunker Complex8.26Blister mit einem zweiteiligen Bunkerkomplex aus Resin, Geschützen aus Zinn. With 96,000 square feet of coverage, the Empire of the Blazing Sun Bunker Complex will engulf any battlefield with its mesmerising structure and more than impressive capabilities. Just as you may never get over just how big this Bunker Complex is, your opponents may never get over its walls! Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWBS21Archiv : Empire Of The Blazing Sun Armoured Battle Group17.55Pack mit 20 Modellen! 1x Taka Ishi Heavy Walker 6x Chi Ri Class Medium Tank 3x Ho I Class Bombard 10x Ke Ho Class Small Tank The Empire of the Blazing Sun (EotBS) is a proud nation steeped in centuries of tradition. War is second nature to this Empire, its troops having spent many years in conflict with neighbouring nations such as Korea and China. Inside this box is an EotBS Armoured Battle Group, the building block from which you can assemble your ground force of hulking metal vehicles. Massive Land Ships, Artillery, Medium Tanks and Small Tank Tokens come together to fight across the battlefields of the world!Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWBS22Empire Of The Blazing Sun Taka Ishi Heavy Walker (1)7.71Blister mit einem Modell. The Taka Ishi represents an alternate advance in the design of battlefield assets. With its mere size it presents an intimidating target and is a beast in urban combat. It has great all round fire with its knee turrets, main turret and rocket battery. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWBS25Empire Of The Blazing Sun Ke Ho Class Small Tank (20)4.28Blisterpack mit 20 Modellen auf 10 Bases. The Ke Ho has a straightforward design (even if it is round!) and can take a fair amount of punishment for its size. A squadron of Ke Hos can be quite a threat to ground and air targets alike. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWBS44Empire of the Blazing Sun Armoured Walker Group15.75Contains: 1 x Taka Ashi/O-I 'Miage-Nyudo' Class Heavy Walker, 3 x Myobu Class Light Gyro Tanks, 3 x Ronin Class Heavy Walkers and 6 x Bansan Class Small Walkers Inside this box is an Empire of the Blazing Sun Armoured Walker Group. Consisting of the most advanced machines in a Blazing Sun General’s arsenal, this Group makes a powerful vanguard for any force. Fast moving Gyro Tanks can run up the flanks whilst great Walkers of all sizes stomp their way towards the enemy, letting loose cannon shells and rocket propelled samurai warriors to bring the enemies of the Empress to their knees. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWBS47Empire of the Blazing Sun Ground Fortifications16.88Contains: 2 x Tower Sets and 1 x Bunker Complex Inside this box is a line of Empire of the Blazing Sun Fortifications. Geographically the smallest of the Great Powers, Blazing Sun Commanders know the price that is to be paid if even an inch of the Empresses’ territory should be lost to a foreign aggressor. As a result, although appearing as feudal castles, Blazing Sun Towers and Bunker Complexes are in fact near indestructible modern fortresses of concrete and Sturginium-alloy steel, armed from floor to rafters with mighty guns and flaming rocketry. Fortifications make a useful addition to an Armoured Fleet, or can make a fun addition to Scenario games. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWBS52Empire Of The Blazing Sun Armoured Battle Group v2.024.48Contents: 1 x Taka-Ashi Heavy Walker, 1 x Ryuo Robot Hover Squid, 3 x Ho-I Medium Bombard, 3 x Chi-Ri Medium Tank, 3 x Ronin Heavy Walker, 4 x Bansan Small Walker, 8 x Ke-Ho Small Tank, 3 x Zarigani Small Naval Robot, 2 x Line Infantry Token, 10 x SAS Token, 2 x SAW Movement Tray, 6 x 7mm Dice, 3 x A5 Token and Template Sheets, 1 x TAC Deck A majestic sight on the battlefield, the Armoured Battle Groups of the Empire of the Blazing Sun are also a deadly machine of war. Combining all tactical elements in the perfect example of warfare, the duo of a Taka-Ashi Heavy Walker and Ryuo Robot Hover Squid will annihilate anything that stands before them with methodical destruction. Ronin Heavy Walkers, Chi-Ri Medium Tanks and HO-I Medium Bombards work to pin the enemy in place and crush them with coordinated firepower , whilst Bansan Small Walkers and Ke-Ho Small Tanks push on to secure important objectives. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars