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SG-DWAC05Antarctica Armoured Brigade Box39.42Highly detailed models making up the Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Brigade Box: 1 x Aronnax Class Submersible, 6 x Atticus Medium Walkers, 6 x Xenophon Class Small Walker Bases, 1 x Orpheus Class Drone Controller, 3 x Tiny Flyer Token, 6 x Socrates Class Bombards, 4 x Scorpios Class Heavy Bombards, 1 x Callimachus Class Mk II Time Dilation Orb, 6 x Janus Class Small Walkers, 24 x Dice (8 x Red, 8 x Black & 8 x Blue), 1 x Acrylic Ruler, 2 x A5 Token Sheet, Acrylic Bases, 4 x Activation Cards, 1 x 6” Scenic Bridge, and 10 x Scenery Buildings. The mysterious Covenant of Antarctica field the most advanced weapons ever seen on the battlefields of Earth. A combination of strange energy weapons, arcane generators and brute strength make the Covenant a very challenging opponent on the battlefield and a flexible force for their Custodian-Commodore. A Combined Armoured Group forms the bedrock of the Brigade. Battalions of advanced Atticus and Xenophon walkers provide the firepower to keep the enemy at bay. All the while, an Aronnax Driller grinds through the very ground itself, passing under defensive lines before bursting forth to deploy its deadly arsenal at the point of decision. A Combined Fire Support Regiment, with six Socrates Medium and four Skorpios Heavy Bombards gives this Brigade unmatched firepower at long range. An Orpheus drone controller takes this further still, its ‘eyes in the skies’ virtually ensuring that the Bombards’ deadly attacks will strike dead on target and with maximum force. Finally, an arcane Chrono-Translocation Echelon supports this Brigade in battle. The Mk. II Callimachus, equipped with the new fissure generator, focuses the combined power of the Socrates Bombards and Janus Walkers for a truly devastating attack. By a combination of clever tactics and turning the most extraordinary of scientific achievements against their enemies, this Covenant Brigade is a fearsome force to behold on the battlefield.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWCA23Atticus Class Medium Walker4.28Blister mit sechs Modellen und Bases aus Resin. As it scurries along low to the ground the Atticus is almost bug-like in its appearance, but that is where the similarity ends. Not many bugs can engage an enemy and blow them away with withering fire - but the Atticus can! Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWCA25Xenophon Class Small Walker4.28Blister mit zwanzig Modellen auf 10 Bases aus Resin. A squadron of 5 Xenophons has the ability to engage at Range Band 1 and lay down 11AD of weapons fire, which makes these small, elusive tanks something you should not take for granted. Looking like metallic spiders moving across the icy wastes of Antarctica, this Small Walker is great fun to deploy. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWCA32Covenant of Antarctica Orpheus Class Drone Controller4.28Blisterpack mit sechs Resinmodellen, sechs Flyer Token. Based on the sturdy Socrates hull, and nicknamed the ?Dronemaster?, it is part tank and part armoured control centre. The presence of these vehicles acts as a failsafe in the event of communications breakdowns with automated units on the field, as well as increasing their performance. The Orpheus? strong hull shields a crew of special Mechanist-Controllers, who can command diverse unmanned fighting machines including drone aircraft and combat-optimised Iron Men, with special radio and visual communications gear.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWCA47Covenant of Antarctica Ground Fortifications17.10Contains: 2 x Tower Sets and 1 x Bunker Complex. Models unpainted and unassembled. Inside this box are the Covenant of Antarctica Ground Fortifications. Commanding gunnery housed within heavily reinforced structures, these Fortifications are sure to dominate their sector of the battlefield. Erecting these towering bastions on sites they deem particularly valuable, the Covenant's armed forces make excellent use of their far reaching gunnery and advanced generator technologies. The Ground Fortifications make a useful complement to an Armoured Fleet, or can make a fun addition to Scenario games. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars