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SG-DWAL01Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth SWZ3 Palnik Class Flame Tank (6)4.64Blister mit 6 Modellen aus Resin. Most of the surfaces present on the unforgiving SWZ3 Palnik Class Flame Tank include menacing grilles and heat sinks intertwined with sinuous pipes and boilers, making for something that seems more of a smelting plant than a war machine. But a war machine it is a medium armoured tank whose firepower is quite literally firepower.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL02Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth WZ6 Szpada Class Medium Tank (6)4.64Blister mit 6 Modellen aus Resin. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is one of the great survivors of the worlds nations. Whilst they lack the resources to build Land Ships of their own, they make up for this with a strong force of fast and furious WZ6 Szpada Class Medium Tanks. They are devastating machines of war built to impress, and have proved an invaluable addition to the Tsars war effort.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL03Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ZB2 Burza Class Bombard (6)4.64Blister mit 6 Modellen aus Resin. Even though it almost disappeared from the map several times in history, the Polish-Lithuanian Comonwealths fighting spirit has never been extinguished. Its armies, including the brutal ZB2 Burza Class Bombards, were built around the famous Legions of Winged Hussars, and practice a form of fast-moving, hard-hitting mechanised warfare. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL04Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth LZ5 Rycerz Class Small Tank (20)4.64Blister mit 20 Modellen aus Resin auf 10 Token. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth has, for centuries, had to fight hard for its very existence. It would not have achieved this feat so successfully had it not been for the development of sophisticated vehicles such as the LZ5 Rycerz Class Small Tank ? resilient, battle-hardened terriers that will continue to prove indispensible for many years to come.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL07Archiv : Italian States Support Group17.1020 x highly detailed multi-part models of a League of Italian States Support Group. The League of Italian States Upgrade Set contains the following models: 1 x Affondatore Class Carrier, 3 x Scutum Class Frigates, 4 x Cinquedea Class Destroyers, 6 x Tiny Flyer Tokens, 6 x Uccisore Class Motor Torpedo Boat Tokens, Model Stat Cards The Core of the Italian fleet lacks no amount of support in the form of the nation’s larger or more specialised warships: vast Carriers, fast Destroyers and deadly Motor Torpedo Boats. Working in tandem with the other ships of the fleet, the elements of a Support Group are what make the Italian Navy such a threat on the high seas. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL18Archiv : Chinese Federation Dreadnought Fortress14.40BOXED SET CONTENTS Highly detailed resin and pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 1 x Zhanmadao Class Dreadnought 4 x Tiny Flyers Tokens 1 x Large Acrylic Flight Stand The Chinese Federation floating fortresses are a wondrous sight to behold - sprawling castles bedecked in oriental decoration held high above the earth or waves on thrumming repulsion engines. All are also fitted with the innovative Jiu Long Bi generator, creating a long wall of energy that stretches from bastion to bastion and shields the fleet behind from danger. The mighty Zhanmadao Dreadnought is the pinnacle of this design. Both an engineering marvel and a terrifying foe, this gargantuan vessel skims above the waves hurling flame from its banks of dragon mouthed cannon. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL29Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Armoured Battle Group25.83Contains: 1 Perun Class Mobile Airfield, 1 Rarog Class Land Ship, 2 SWZ3 Palnik Class Flame Tanks, 3 WZ6 Spzada Class Medium Tanks, 3 ZB2 Burza Class Bombards, 5 LZ4 Rygerz Class Small Tanks, 4 Poltava Class Light Tanks, 2 Line Infantry Companies, 2 Assault Infantry Companies, 1 Reconnaissance Infantry Company, 16 Russian Coalition Support Aircraft Wings, 3 SAS Trays, 3 Micro Dice, A5 Token & Template Sheets and 1 Deck of TAC Cards. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. At the heart of the Polish-Lithuanian mechanised army is the massive Perun Mobile Airfield. Large bore fore guns and the ability to disembark infantry make it a bear in close, while its real strength lies in its battery of bombards, capable of laying down devastating fire, and the wings of Support Aircraft it can launch into the skies. The Rarog Land Ship can lay down heavy ordnance, as well as spray fiery death from its heavy flamethrower. Supporting these giants are the medium vehicles: the SWZ3 Palnik, WZ6 Spzada and ZB2 Burza. Fast and dangerous are the LZ4 Rygerz and Russian made Poltava, longstanding stalwarts of the PLC war effort. Alongside the armoured behemoths move the infantry companies, providing support and the ability to achieve deadly assaults. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL36Ottoman Empire Naval Battle Group29.93Contains: 1 x Sadrazam Class Skimming Battleship, 4 x Fettâh Class Skimming Cruisers, 6 x Mizrak Class Skimming Frigate/Escort, 3 x Zuhâf Class Small Flyers, 10 x Tiny Flyer Tokens and 8 x Skimming Mines Skimming above the waves on powerful air-jets and finely manipulated magnetic fields, the warships of the Ottoman Dominions are as graceful as they are fearsome. Leading this fleet is a powerful Sadrazam Class Battleship, a floating fortress bristling with gun batteries and turrets. Keeping station around the giant is a trio of sturdy Fettâh Class Cruisers, ready to shatter the enemy with crushing broadsides and lethal floating mines. Sweeping the seas below with volley guns and cannon batteries, are squadrons of Mizrak Class Frigates. Finally, keeping station above are escorting aeroplanes and Zuhâf Class Small Flyers, making this Battle Group a complete and deadly fighting force.Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL37Ottoman Empire Support Group20.93Contains: 1 x Kanuni Class Dreadnought, 2 x Sinop Class Armoured Cruisers, 4 x Avci Class Destroyers and 12 x Tiny Flyer Tokens The elegant appearance of the Ottoman Dominions warships belies their massive firepower. Leading the Support Group is a towering Kanuni Class Dreadnought, its hull studded with gunports and surmounted by mighty bombards. Alongside giant vessel is a brace of Sinop Class Armoured Cruisers, their heavy bombards poised to deliver baleful judgement upon the enemy. Finally, Avci Class Destroyers flanks the heavier ships, volley-guns ready to rain storms of shellfire upon the foe. Escorted by a fleet of aeroplanes, the Support Group adds enormous offensive power to the Ottoman fleet. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars
SG-DWAL38Ottoman Empire Hisar Class Mobile Airfield18.23Blister mit einem Modell und 12 Fliegertoken aus Resin. The perfect centrepiece for any Ottoman Empire force, this Hisar Class Mobile Airfield is a giant walking bastion, armed with huge bombards, formidable turrets and a double airfield for launching dogged tiny flyers. Take advantage of the powerful 'Firtina Generator' which allows this monstrosity to not only cloak itself in storm clouds to impair enemy fire, but also create storms that can hamper enemy manoeuvre and obscure their line of sight. The most exciting feature of this model is that it is fully amphibious! You can bring the Hisar to battle on land or sea, meaning there is no escaping the wrath of this terrorising beast. Spartan GamesDystopian Wars