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SG-DLRF19Republique of France Legionnaires Infantry Section12.91Box mit sechs Modellen aus Zinn. Contains: 6 multi-part, highly detailed miniatures and 6 plastic bases. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Equipped with the finest weapons France’s manufacturers can provide, the Legionnaires carry the famed Aiguille Type 7 all-purpose rifle, often nicknamed the ‘Chassepot’. This handy weapon is easy to maintain and light to carry, allowing Legionnaires to take accurate shots on the move before seeking cover. Specialists are armed with the Fouilouse LMG and the Boiset Rifle-grenade to give sections a veritable armoury to employ against their foes. Firepower can be further enhanced with the addition of a Chapuis MG from the platoon’s battery, although such attachments often necessitate a Mercantour dedicated transport being sourced to maintain battlefield mobility. Spartan GamesDystopian Legions
SG-DLRF20Republique of France Armoured Marines Infantry Section12.91Box mit fünf Modellen aus Zinn. Contains: 5 multi-part, highly detailed miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. In battle, these elite soldiers employ devastating hand-held versions of the dreaded heat lance, an energy projector that superheats anything it touches with horrifying results. It takes a hardened mind to willingly employ such devices, but the Marines are inured to such violence having spent many years in the thickest of fighting. Much of their equipment and training revolves around the armaments they carry, the thick armour they wear being as much to protect them from their weapons as from enemy fire. By necessity all wear gas-masks, as the discharge of their lances creates a cloud of toxic gasses that are vented in the user’s direction. Spartan GamesDystopian Legions