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7%-SG-DLEX03Dystopian Legions Officer Pack10.32The Officer Pack has been put together to help Commanders quickly and easily get to grips with the Dystopian Legions game and includes: 1 full-colour Dystopian Legions Rulebook, 1 TAC Deck used to deliver thematic gameplay, 1 A5 Token Sheet, 1 A5 Template Sheet, 1 kiss-cut Battle Log Sheet, 2 random Battlefield Objectives and 1 Laminated Fast Play Sheet. Dystopian Legions 2.0 is an action packed platoon level game designed to be played using the Spartan Games range of high quality 32mm miniatures. These rules have been designed to support a fast flowing and highly tactical game, where the use of Command can be vital as Sections of Line, Support and Elite infantry, as well as Cavalry, Ironclads and Characters, fight to win vital battlefield objectives.Spartan GamesDystopian Legions
7%-SG-DLRB01Dystopian Legions Core Rulebook9.79A full colour Dystopian Legions 2.0 core rulebook that shows just how exciting Platoon level action can be in a Dystopian Wars world. Key aspects of the game include: - Brand New Book Design & Layout - Improved Core engine - Enhanced Force and Deployment rules - Ability to play Platoon level games - Diagrams and examples - Packed Full of colour photographs - Streamlined mechanics designed to speed up game play - New and improved Ironclad rules - New and improved Command & Control rules - Character & Sidekick Enhancement There has never been a better time to rally your forces under your favourite nation’s battle flag. So muster your soldiers and tanks – Dystopian Legions 2.0 is here! Spartan GamesDystopian Legions