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SG-DLPE02Prussian Empire Army Medic (2)4.64The Prussian military has very well-equipped and well-organised medical corps. Medics are assigned all over the empire’s military, but many of the most skilled battlefield surgeons end up alongside Reichswehr units. The infantry, more than any other branch of the Prussian military, are likely to have to operate in situations where field hospitals are crude and first-contact medical treatment is crucially important, making Army Medics a vital part of your Prussian force. Spartan GamesDystopian Legions
SG-DLPE08Prussian Empire Sergeant & Officer5.40BOXED SET CONTENTS 2 x highly detailed figures of the Prussian Empire Sergeant & Officer Includes 1 x 30mm Base, 1 x 40mm Base and Games Tokens. Highly detailed pewter models. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Steeped in military tradition, the Officers of the Prussian Empire are drawn from aristocratic families, more often than not sons and daughters of experienced Officers, who were the sons of Officers themselves. Versed in Clausewitz and Mensur at the finest military academies, they go into battle eager and prepared to make their names in the service of the Fatherland. These officers are supported in commanding their troops by their Sergeants. Experienced soldiers of non-aristocratic birth, they specialise to leading their fellows to deliver Prussian Steel into the heart of the enemy. Spartan GamesDystopian Legions