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SG-DLFS15Federated States of America Specialist and Infantryman4.91Box mit zwei Modellen aus Zinn. The Pattern 1869 Light Machine Gun is a lightweight but sturdy weapon, fed from a large drum magazine with excellent ammo capacity. Although unlike the Gatlings in having only a single barrel, the Pattern 1869 includes an ingenious clockwork crank system as part of its firing mechanism. When necessary, the gunner can activate the crank, increasing the weapon’s rate of fire to a frightening degree for a short time. Spartan GamesDystopian Legions
SG-DLFS21Federated States of America Air Cavalry Section14.67Box mit fünf Modellen aus Resin/Zinn. The Federated States of America utilise many different forms of Cavalry in their Regiments, the most famous of these are the flying troopers of the Air Cavalry. Combining the mobility of their Jetpacks and the firepower of their Model 4 Revolvers and the Sergeant's devastating 'Thunderbolt' Anti-Armour Pistol. Air Cavalry are adept at striking deep into the heart of the enemy in shock assaults. Spartan GamesDystopian Legions
SG-DLFS22Federated States of America Wilderness Section (6)11.43Box mit fünf Modellen aus Resin/Zinn sowie 2 Fallenmarkern. Dangerous and versatile, the Scouts and Buffalo Hunters are masters of battlefield control. Each of these stunning models is entirely unique and loaded with personality. The cautious tracker, the wild warrior and the two experienced hunters are almost character pieces in their own right. Not forgetting of course the brand new Hunting Wolves, complete with ammo drums and snarling fangs and the intricately detail Bear Trap Markers. Spartan GamesDystopian Legions