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SG-DLCA19Covenant of Antarctica Commando Infantry Section12.91Box mit sechs Modellen aus Zinn. Contains: 6 multi-part, highly detailed miniatures and 6 pastic bases. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Commandos spend much of their time training for stealthy roles, tasked to trek across wilderness, infiltrate strongholds and strike from O-Space translocation against all manner of targets deemed important by the Covenant’s strategists. When engaged in larger battles, these soldiers act in support of their Automata counterparts, adding an element of versatility to the unwieldy metal ranks that engage in most of the fighting. Often assigned to seize vital objectives or eliminate specific enemy strongpoints, most commandos carry the Vulkan Carbine, a short-ranged weapon of exceptional high quality and impressive stopping power. Specialists carry more esoteric weapons, such as the Proxima Energy Blaster for added anti-ironclad effectiveness. Spartan GamesDystopian Legions