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Dust-DT057Steel Guard NCO Command Squad27.00Box mit drei Modellen. Nicknamed “turtles” by their comrades, these patriotic warriors are anything but slow. The Steel Guards NCO Command Squad can strike targets with its powerful anti-infantry ordnance at impressive range, and it boasts the same special skills as Allied and Axis NCO Command Squads. Fantasy Flight GamesDust Tactics
Dust-DT073.BHeavy Tesla Bunker / Strongpoint40.50As the war grows ever deadlier, soldiers have come to rely on the safety that battlefield fortification can provide. This box contains a modular plastic kit designed to create bunkers and strongpoints that can be outfitted with either the Single or Dual Heavy Tesla Guns. Fantasy Flight GamesDust Tactics
HBFFG0409Dust Tactics: SSU Specialists17.95Die Kunststoffminiaturen sind bereits zusammengebaut und grundiert.

Many of the soldiers of the SSU are experts with rifles and specialize in harassing enemies from concealed locations. Unlike the Axis and Allies, The SSU prefers to field these snipers in pairs rather than in tandem with a spotter. The SSU Observer Team allows SSU commanders to use the Artillery Strike ability to activate indirect fire weapons. Containing both the SSU Sniper Team and the SSU Observer Team, the SSU Specialist expansion makes a potent addition to your army.
Fantasy Flight GamesDust Tactics