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7TP jw / dw Light Tank
Fow-pl050 [Direktlink einblenden]

Box mit einem Panzerbausatz und verschiedenen Turmoptionen (with 7TP jw & 7TP dw turret options)

7TP dw
Mobility: Fully-tracked
Front 1; Side 1; Top 1

Equipment and Notes
Twin MG turrets, Slow tank, Unreliable

Twin MG Turrets
Like the Vickers E Type A, the 7TP dw is a dedicated machine-gun tank with two side-by-side MG turrets.

The two deck turrets of a 7TP dw have an all-round field of fire, except where the line of fire is blocked by the other turret or the superstructure.

Both turrets can fire at the same time, either at the same platoon or each at a different enemy platoon. Both turrets can fire at their full ROF 3 at the same time.

7TP jw
Mobility: Fully-tracked
Front 1; Side 1; Top 1
Range: 24"/60cm
ROF 2; Anti-tank 6; Firepower 4+

Equipment and Notes
Co-ax MG, Slow tank.

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