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S307(f) R-Vielfachwerfer
Fow-ge213 [Direktlink einblenden]

The R-Vielfachwerfer Battery use the Rocket Launcher rules on page 131 of Flames Of War and the Armoured Rocket Launcher special rules on page 167 of the rulebook. The Armoured Rocket launcher special rule allows the battery to make a Stormtrooper move even if they have fired a bombardment in the Shooting step.

You can also spend points to add extra loading crews (which are included in the pack). Model the vehicle with five or more crew on the base and it counts as two launchers.

The S307(f) R-Vielfachwerfer is armoured with a Front of 1, Side 0 and Top 0. Like most of the vehicles based on the French half-tracks it is Unreliable, so be careful about driving in Rough terrain or moving At the Double.

Firing bombardments it has Range 56”/140cm, Anti-tank 2 and Firepower 6. To field the platoon you need two S307(f) R-Vielfachwerfer half-tracks, a Observer Rifle team, a Command SMG team, a Kubalwagen and a Kfz 15 field car.

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