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Flames of War Britische Fahrzeuge
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A30 Challenger
Fow-br043 [Direktlink einblenden]

This blister pack contains one British Challenger.

In 1941, thanks to British experiences in the desert against the Afrikakorps, the feasibility of mounting a high velocity gun into infantry and cruiser tanks capable of knocking out any known German armoured fighting vehicle was studied. The most successful design was based on as many Cromwell components as possible and mechanically it was almost identical, although the turret was based on the TOG 2 and was enormous. The first prototype was completed in August 1942 but it wasn’t until March 1944 that the first production vehicles were ready. Now known as the Challenger, after D-Day they began to provide 17pdr support in similar ways to the Sherman Firefly - one tank per troop. The Challenger was better suited to supporting the Cromwell formations than the Firefly as it was able to keep up with the Cromwell and maintenance and repair was easier as they shared many of the same components, and the first Challengers were issued to Cromwell regiments in North-West Europe in August 1944.

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